5 Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipes

1. Grinch Hot Chocolate 

This is a very classic style of hot chocolate but with a green twist. You can also add the Peppermint Schnapps for any Christmas party or night in with the girls. 


2. Nutella Hot Chocolate 

This is perfect for all you Nutella lovers. It's got that touch of creamy hazelnut taste. 


3. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate 

Ever get those sweet and salty cravings? The salted caramel hot chocolate is extremely popular at Starbucks. Why not make it for way cheap for you and your friends... or just plenty enough for you! 


4. White Hot Chocolate 

Add this drink to your winter wonderland list. This is the easiest hot chocolate to make and it's great if you've got a sweet tooth. 


5. Frozen Hot Chocolate 

If you think you're crazy for wanting a cold drink when it's freezing cold out, you're not alone. So many people want a cold drink and this is what you'll need when you want the hot chocolate taste but not hot part of it. Make it frozen and blend it up with ice! 


Photos: Grinch, Nutella, Salted, White, Frozen