5 Cosmetics You Need ASAP

Whether you're a beginner with makeup, or you describe yourself as a MUA, here are some of my favorite essentials. With all of these cosmetics you can bring a bold look to the table, or you can do an everyday look. Enjoy these products! 

  1. Morphe 35O - 35 Color Nature Glow  Palette

This palette is amazing, especially for fall, and everyday use. You can either tone it down using the lighter colors, and also has some sparkly colors to bring a pop into your inner tear-duct! You can play this palette up a lot, or tone it down and make your eye look super casual. This palette retails at $23 on Morphe's website.  Here are some looks you can achieve using this palette.


2. Fenty Beauty - Kilawatt Highlighter

These past few weeks, Fenty Beauty has been getting a lot of press and hype. But, this highlighter is no joke. This highlighter will give you an amazing and intense glow, it will look great on any skin type! This highlighter is a little pricier, but it will last you awhile, it retails at $34 from Sephora.  This highlighter is definitely something to check out.


3. Anastasia Beverly Hill - Powder Contour

This is an amazing contour kit! I love it, I personally use the light to medium, but it also comes in medium to tan and tan to deep. I like to contour in the hollow of my cheekbones, and the temples of my forehead. If you’re feeling extra you can draw out a three like Kim K, which gets your temples, cheekbones, and jawline. The great thing about the powder contour kit is that it can double as eyeshadow, and it retails for $40, on the Anastasia Beverly Hill website.


4. Dior - Diorshow Mascara 

This is a pricier mascara, but in my opinion it’s worth the price. This mascara does wonders to my eyelashes and gives them the much needed length I desire. A plus that I love about this mascara is that it smells like rosewater, which is just a little bonus I enjoy about this mascara. Dior Show retails for $28.50 from Sephora. But, if you’re not wanting to spend that a good dupe would be, L’Oreal Voluminous which is only $7.99 from the drugstore.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hill - Brow Powder Duo

I am all about my brows, and when I found this product I fell in love. I like it way more than a pencil or a gel. With the brow brush I can control how much powder is going on my brows. I personally like them feathered closer to my nose, and let it get darker towards the end of my brow. This powder duo lets you easily control your brows, and it’s amazing. The product retails for $23, on the Anastasia Beverly Hill website.


I love these products, and I hope you do too! With these products your face can be as poppin’ or as casual as you’d like! Go forth, and happy  makeup-ing!  

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