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4 Must-See Horror Movies

Classes are back in full swing which means its back to homework, studying, and binge-watching Netflix in your (not so) free time. Instead of watching an entire season of Shameless this weekend, get your girlfriends together for a movie night! There’s nothing better to keep the entertainment going on your nights in with a few scary movies. These movies in particular will have you shivering.  

The Collector / The Collection

This home invasion horror film gets you on your feet. A thief breaks into a home but then realizes that a killer is inside as well. Watch the masked man, the “collector” set up the most gruesome boogie traps while the main character tries to escape. Not only will you be terrified, but you’ll be wanting to watch the sequel to find out what happens in the end. Click to watch trailer! 


Don’t Breathe

Three Detroit thieves break into a home of a blind old man, trapped and left fighting for their lives to get out. Little did they know that this old man is a bada**, ready to kill and defend his secrets. This movie is a thriller, make sure to breathe while watching. Click to watch trailer! 


Mirrors / Mirrors 2

Mirrors is a supernatural horror film that will blow your mind at it’s creepiest. A security guard patrols a department store and comes across a mirror. He discovers and unveils the true stories within the mirror. You won’t want to walk past or look into a mirror after watching this movie. Click to watch trailer! 



This animated film tells a dark, sinister story. Coraline, an 11-year old girl and her parents move into a new home, a home she finds very boring until she discovers a new world inside. Since her parents hardly pay attention to her, she ends up wandering around the house and finding a small door leading into a fantasy world. It’s so creepy that you won’t believe that this is a children’s movie. Click to watch trailer! 

WARNING: grab a group of friends or your significant other to keep you company!

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