21st Birthday Bash Decorations

Is a friend or family member turning 21? Having a hard time finding or thinking of the PERFECT decorations for the big day? Well you have come to the right place. Turning twenty one is a big deal and the party should show it. It is also a great time to show the birthday girl how special she really is. 

Here is a list of decoration ideas that are a must at any and every twenty first birthday bash! 

1. Backdrop 

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A backdrop is a must for any party, but especially a twenty-first. These will make all your pictures turn out amazing. It will be something cute for everyone to stand in front of and get their picture take with the birthday girl. You can use ribbon, tinsel, paper or cloth to make the backdrop. All you have to do is make sure it covers from the ceiling to the floor or else it might look funny with a little bit of wall sticking out above or below it. One great thing about these is that they can be super cheap to diy! And who doesn't love a good diy?! A backdrop can also really pull together a birthday, because they can cover up an entire blank wall in a matter of minutes and really make everything look so festive. 


2. Champagne bottle with balloons 

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This simple decoration is ALWAYS a hit. It is so cute and the champagne balloon can be found on Amazon for super cheap. As for the balloons coming out of the bottle, you can find those at almost any store. They can be any color you choose, but I really like the gold, silvery, clear and white theme that this picture has. The key to making this look so amazing, is to make sure the balloons falling out begin small and gradually get bigger. The picture above shows the balloons on a flat wall, but it can be done on a core too with the bottle one side and the "bubbles" on the other. 


3. Champagne glass with balloons 

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This champagne bottle is another really easy decoration to find on Amazon for a fairly decent price. Then the pink balloons can be found at any store, just like the previous decoration. For this image they used pink balloons, but this would be just as cute with gold or silver balloons too. This set up can be as big or small as you want it, depending on the size and amount of balloons you use to show the "overflow". It can go only any wall to add to the birthday festivities.  


4. Banners 

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Banners are so easy and fun to make. There are literally a million different phrases you can use. These can either be bought at a store or you can diy them to be whatever you want. All you need to make these things are letters and string. A couple phrases, aside from the one above, are "R.I.P Fake I.D." "Finally Legal" "Happy 21st Birthday" "Cheers" or "Let's Party". Any of these will be fitting for the big occasion and are super easy to hang up just about anywhere! 


5. Happy Birthday Balloons Photo Source 

What better way to say happy birthday than with the actual words?! These are super easy to find online or in stores and get blown up by just a straw! The entire thing takes less than 10 minutes to blow up, string and hang wherever you would like. This can be added to the backdrop or on any open space that is left. It helps give the party a birthday feel by having these large letters hanging around! 


6. Number 2 and 1 Balloons 

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If you don't have the giant two and one balloons are you really even celebrating a 21st birthday? These are an absolute must have for a 21st birthday! The should be tied to string so they can be held onto for pictures and portable so they can go wherever the party goes. These have become a staple for birthday, but especially 21st. These balloons should be aired up with helium to ensure they float in all the pictures. 


7. Confetti 

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Confetti or glitter area great addition to any event, but they really make birthday party special. Either one can be added to balloons to make for a cute picture opportunity when being popped. They also just add a little sparkle to the occasion. If you don't want to add it to balloons you can sprinkle it out on tables or buy it in poppers so you can shoot it out at the birthday girl.