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18 things I’ve learned

With my 19th birthday coming up this week. I thought i would share 18 things I’ve learned in life so far.

1)  Cliche but you only live once so you have to made it fun and worth living.

2) It’s okay to be stressed and feel anxious in life.

3) But with #2 you have to make sure that does not take over.

4) Try something new. My freshmen year I joined lacrosse and now I’m playing at a college level.

5) Join clubs and become involved. Great way to meet people.

6) If you get invited somewhere new. Go. I got invited to go camping last year and I went for the first time ever.

7) It’s okay to be homesick and miss your friends and family back home.

8) It’s okay to feel sad some days.

9) You do not have to instagram and snapchat everything you do.

10) Treat your self. You want an extra cookie or a new purse? Go out and buy it.

11) Put in the extra time to study. I know sometimes I want to rush studying and go out but I need to focus on school first.

12) You do not have to change in order to have someone like you.

13) It’s okay to want to stay in and spend time alone. You do not always have to go out.

14) It’s not lame to be a family person. Go out and spend time with family. 

15) Learn how to manage money better. Do not go out and spend it all in one day.

16) It’s okay to not have your whole life planned out. Take it step by step.

17) Travel. So far I’ve gone out of the country 4 times already and visited different states. I’ll be in Colorado for spring break.

18) Do what makes you happy. Do not try and do some thing because you were told or it’s what is expected, just focus on yourself.

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