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13.1 Reasons Why We Love Dance Marathon

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, hundreds of SAU Bees buzzed into the Rogalski building with a mission. They were determined to raise $235,000 dollars for the kids. Even though DM is the biggest student organization on campus, the goal was still daunting. The Bees knew the day would be exhausting, as having to dance for 13.1 hours straight is no easy feat, but they knew it would be worth it. The day included many laughs, hugs, and even tears. This year was the hardest, as the SAUDM organization had gained their own personal angel, Kayla Decker. Kayla loved Dance Marathon and the kiddos with all her heart. The Bees set off to make Kayla and the Miracle Kiddos proud. The organization was able to not only able to meet their goal, but surpassed it by raising $251,084.06! In St. Ambrose Dance Marathon’s 6 years of existence, they have raised over $1 million. In honor of celebrating all the miracles made by the money raised, here are 13.1 reasons why Dance Marathon is a miracle in itself.


1. The decorations that hype you up as soon as you walk in the door


2. The Morale Dance (even though you were completely lost the first 5 times you did it)



3. The Morale Captains and their amazing costumes



4. Running Miracle Miles FTK and to get points for your team



5. The amazing teams you can join (Team 20 won this year’s Miracle Cup)


6. Hair cuts for Wigs for Kids and shaved heads FTK



7. The family you make in DM, that lasts past graduation



8. For the mini DMs, who inspire SAU dancers to do more and dance more



9. Hearing the gong being hit, reminding the dancers miracles are being made 



10. Listening to family talks and hearing the kiddos stories



11. The relationships made with the kiddos and the rest of the Miracle Families



12. Power Hour!!!!!!


13. For helping to create over 250,000 more miracles



13.1. And the whole reason we dance more and do more…

All photos provided by St. Ambrose University’s Facebook Page: Dance Marathon 2018, Vol. 2

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