10 Songs to Ignite Your Running Playlist This Summer

As a fan of both puns and exercising to catchy tunes, I've compiled a list of 10 of the best songs with the word run in the title (or artist) to listen to on your next run! Or if you are just into all sorts of powerful songs for your workout, enjoy this Spotify playlist (https://open.spotify.com/user/vaulter1226/playlist/5grsiI6OFKl0sXxl4n2o6N?si=NAqCYcfASIW7KUyCa-zyNQ) which includes the punny running songs listed below along with many other songs perfect for any workout!

  1. 1. Runaway Baby

    by Bruno Mars

  2. 2. Run for Cover 

    by The Killers

  3. 3. Run the World (Girls)

    by Beyoncé

  4. 4. Take It on the Run

    by REO Speedwagon

  5. 5. Fox on the Run

    by Sweet

  6. 6. Love Runs Out

    by OneRepublic

  7. 7. Runaway

    by Bon Jovi

  8. 8. Running Out of Moonlight

    by Randy Houser

  9. 9. It's Tricky

    by RUN-DMC

  10. 10. I'm Born to Run

    by American Authors

Go run wild!