10 Signs That You Should Transfer

Not every school is for every person, and that’s okay. Transferring is a scary but also an empowering process. It requires you to think critically about your situation and how it best suits you. Speaking as a transfer student myself, if you are seriously considering transferring schools, you will have to make sure you advocate for yourself. There will be a lot of people who believe their opinion is the one you should listen to when in reality, you just have to go with your gut and do what is best for you. Below I’ve listed 10 things that I noticed when I was considering transferring.  

1. You’re not excited or interested in anything happening on campus

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Almost every college campus will have fun and exciting things happening on the weekends or there will be tons of clubs you can join. If nothing sparks your interest or motivates you to get out and make friends, it might be a sign that you’re not enjoying where you are.

2. You haven’t connected with anyone

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Even if you are motivated to get out and meet people and you still haven’t found people that you feel comfortable enough asking to hangout or get lunch with, you might take this notion as a sign.

3. You spend most time in your room

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Alone time is important, but too much can be a bad thing. If you absolutely hate being with other students in any aspect and dread social events, this might be an indicator that your situation is less than ideal. 

4. You’re irrationally jealous of your high school friends’ posts at their schools

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You’re paying a lot of money to attend this school, if seeing your high school classmates’ posts makes you fume with jealousy, you might want to take a step back and process those emotions. The school you attend should make you happy and motivated. It won’t be perfect all the time, so don’t believe the Insta posts-- But overall, you should feel content with your situation.

5. When you’re happy, you still consider transferring

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Even if your situation is completely miserable, you still probably have some things that you’ve enjoyed. Maybe you really love your roommate or you’re in an amazing club, but even these things don’t make you want to stay.

6. Weekends aren’t fun

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If you have nothing to do on the weekends, it can be hard. Especially if you are in an unfamiliar environment. You might know of parties or events happening but have no one to go with. Socializing and letting off steam is an important part of getting through college classes.

7. You’re too homesick

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Homesickness is a normal part of adjusting to college life. Every part of your life is changing, so it is normal to miss home and the way things used to be. But if these feelings are greatly impacting other areas of your life, it might be something more than just the adjustment homesickness.

8. You’re not excited about your classes or your major (even after changing majors)

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College classes are hard work, but you chose the classes you’re taking. You chose your major. If you don’t enjoy any part of your education, you should change your major. If you have already done this and you do not feel any more compassionate, you should consider looking at a different place to further your education.

9. The school you chose isn’t what you imagined

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It’s hard to tell from a few visits and a meeting with an admissions counselor if the school you chose is what you imagined. You might get all moved in and realize that the school that seemed so great, might not be all that. That being said, not every school will be perfect, but you should feel happy for the most part about the school you chose.

10. The cost is too high

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If you chose to go to a private or out-of-state school (even a state school!) that is just way too much, causing you so much stress that you can’t focus on school or social life, it is not worth it. You should make smart financial decisions when it comes to education.


Always be sure to do what is best for yourself. Transferring to St. Ambrose was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I encourage anyone who is on the fence about transferring to give it serious thought and discuss it with friends and family.