10 Signs You are the Mom Friend

There are different types of friends every friend group has. There's the innocent one, the partier, the jokster, but the most importantly; the mom friend. I may be a bit biased because I am definitely the mom friend of my friend group, but being the mom friend comes with a lot of responsibilites. You have to make sure all of your kiddos--I mean friends-- are living their best lives. You always have to be on top of your game, so everyone is taken care of. But this doesn't seem like work at all, because you were made to be the mom friend! Here are 10 signs that you are the mom friend of your friend group.

1. You’re the best hostess

You are constantly checking on your guests (even if it's just your closest friends) to make sure no one is hungry or thirsty. Cookies anyone?

2. You’re always prepared

You are never caught dead without snacks. You don't carry a normal bag, you carry a mom bag. This bag is full of the essentials: snacks, bandaids, Kleenex's, hair ties, wipes, etc. You name it, we probably have it.

3. You’re always asking for hugs

I used to have to beg for hugs when my friends would leave, now they give them to me without a prompt. Classical conditioning at its finest.

4. You’re the friend group's biggest cheerleader

Nobody pumps them up for their big anatomy test like you! You give them a confidence boost when they need it most. You get just as excited (if not more) for their victories!

5. You fail epically trying to do the new, cool, hip thing

You always try to keep up with the new lingo, but it just doesn't sound right. Don't even get me started on keeping up with the newest music.

6. You’re constantly reminding your friends to do the right thing

Whether that be to go to bed early or to call their real mom, you always remind them to stay on the right track.

7. You take care of your friends when they are sick

ICEE for that sore throat? Ibuprofin for that head ache? Cough drops for that tickle in your throat? Soup for that cold? Trust me, the mom friend will go to the ends of the Earth to make sure her friends are nursed back to health as fast as possible.

8. You love to embarass your friends

Remember when I said mom friends can never keep up with the newest trends? Well.. at least we try.

9. You make your friends text you when they go somewhere to make sure they arrived safely

Momma's gotta make sure her kiddos are alright!

10. You make them say "I Love You" back before you go

You love them more than life and it makes your heart happy when they say it back.