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10 Reasons Why We Love Lip Gallagher

If you’ve seen even just one episode of Shameless, I can almost guarantee that you love Phillip “Lip” Gallagher as much as I do! If not, let me convince you why he’s the greatest with just ten reasons. 

1. Just look at him… he’s beautiful! 

2. He’s a family man

3. Puberty was very good to him


4. He’s so smart… yet so dumb at the same time

5. He’s the boy from the wrong neighborhood (AKA the bad boy) 

6. His “IDGAF” attitude

7. The way he treats girls AFTER he breaks up with them

8. His nonconformist attitude

9. He’s a savage who is smart enough to be able to follow through with the threats he makes

10. And last but not least, refer back to number 1. 

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