10 Non-Carving Pumpkin Designs

Having decorated pumpkins is a must for fall! However, carving pumpkins is a true hassle with all the cutting, scooping, gutsy mess. This limits the designs those of us in a dorm can do! However, there are numerous ways to be creative when designing a pumpkin without carving it! Go to a craft store and the dollar stores and stock up on glitter, paint, markers, fake cobwebs, Halloween decor, are more to create even cooler pumpkins to match any vibe!


  1. Sweet and Simple -- Grab a white pumpkin or paint it black or white and just add a simple Halloween themed doodle or phrase onto your pumpkin! 



2. Mummy -- Grab some cheap bandages and googly eyes to create a cute and spooky mummy! 



3. Decorate -- Grab beads, ribbon, push-pins, fake spiders, jewels, are more to create cute and girly designs! 



4. Nontraditional -- Go bold with an original design like this flamingo! Not necessarily Halloween, but super cute! 



5. TV Show Inspiration -- Take a recognizable moment from your favorite show and turn it into a theme! This Stranger Things pumpkin is adorable and very simple! 



6. Ombre is always in Season -- Take the colors of your bedroom, fall colors, or just your favorite colors and create an ombre effect with paint. Feel free to add glitter! 



7. Glitter, Glitter, and more Glitter -- Make a cute design like polka dots or stripes, or do something in season like leaves all using glitter! 



8. Day of the Dead -- If you have the talent to draw in detail, a Day of the Dead inspired pumpkin is a great choice! Get some markers and go to work!



9. Bats Swarming -- Use ribbon to make these cute bats and create a cute scene with metallic paint! 



10. Pins and String -- Use these cheap materials to create a cute and unique design!