10 On-the-Dollar Halloween Costumes

These costumes are cute, cheap to create, and may inspire you to think of more cheap costumes!


1. Cactus

Reuse a green sweater, or hit up Goodwill, and attach pipe cleaners (around $2) to it! Then, visit Hobby Lobby for a fake flower, attach it to a hair tie, and you're good to go! WOW! A $5 outfit complete!!!


2. Saving Lives by Saving Dimes

Okay, it's not difficult to find SOMEONE with a lifeguard swimsuit. Dress it up with a whistle (typically $1), pull some shorts over your swimsuit, and use sunglasses for a cute look! BONUS: put white face paint or sunscreen on your nose for those Larry the Lobster vibes


3. Rose the Riveter

Find a jean shirt and jeans and you have 80% of the outfit done! Pop some bright red on your lips and tie a red bandana (Walmart carries them for $2 each) as a headband and you now exude WOMAN POWER!


4. Witchy Powers

All you really need to buy for this outfit is a hat! Find your cute black dress, black tights (or a fun color you may have), black boots, and a cool lipstick shade! This costume is basic, but you can add any fun colors and makeup choices to make it next-level!


5. Classic Scarecrow

This one is always my go-to. You don't even need overalls! Just use your fav fall flannel, find a cheap hat (or use a fake sunflower), and GO TO TOWN with the makeup! This look is especially fun for all the makeup lovers out there!


6. Comic Book Universe

This one has to be the cheapest outfit listed! All you need for this is body paint! THAT'S IT! (Oh, also some art skills.)


7. Marilyn Monroe

This one is COMPLETELY up to you how you go. Do you want a black sweater Marilyn Monroe? Do you want to reuse your homecoming dresses that are sitting in your childhood closet? Either way, don't forget the arched brow, red lips, and curled hair!


8. Sugar Skull

You need 2 things: makeup and a flower crown! DIY a flower crown, or pick up a cheap one from Walmart or Claire's! GET CREATIVE with the makeup! You don't need to follow this exact style! There are plenty of color combos to try!

9. Identity Thief

You really just need to buy some "hello" stickers and stick them to your shirt. You can find them for $1 at the Dollar Store. A costume for $1? That's basically free.


10. Sheet Ghost

Okay, I HAD to end it with the sheet ghost. It's a classic and you can hide your identity. This is a completely FREE costume (okay, but maybe you'll lose a sheet).



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