10 Best Summer Essentials

1. Vans Slip-On 

The classic white slip-on Vans is exactly what you need this summer. You can easily wear it with many outfits. It's casual and simple. Also, who doesn't love a basic white shoe? It makes you look more tan than you are. $50 might seem a bit out of your college budget, especially when you're trying to make and save money over the summer... but you'll find yourself wearing these shoes a ton. 

2. Makeup wipes 

Most girls don't carry a pack of makeup wipes, this should be an essential year round. Summer sun is not fun when you're breaking a sweat. Once your makeup is running and moving, it's best to take it all off. Olay's makeup remover wipes does the job. It does irritate the skin either. You can find these at Target for under $5. 

3. Clinique liquid eyeliner 

The Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen is pretty easy! Personally from trying this eyeliner, it does last all day. I wore this eyeliner from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. It costs around the same as the Stila eyeliner. If you're looking for an easy liquid eyeliner to try, this is the one to pick up! 

4. Sunglasses 

New Quay X Desi "Don't @ Me" sunglasses are out. It's a look for summer and you must have them to block out the sun or haters. There's an affordable dupe from Forever 21 as well. 


5. Rosewater spray 

I'm sure you have this as part of your must-haves skin care routine, if not, please add this to the list! Surprisingly, this spray is not as expensive as you think. You can get a regular size bottle for $7 at Ulta. You can trust Mario Badescu. The rosewater spray is perfect for summer heat. This spray also helps with uneven skin tone. 


6. Self-tanning 

Loving Tan is one of the best self-tanners. It has dual ingredients that help develop the tan look without it looking orange. This compliments most olive skin tones too. You'll start to see color develop within a few hours. It's easy to use and streak-free. You can find this at your local Ulta


7. Swimsuit 

Whether it's a one piece or bikini set, you want to have a swimsuit ready for pool days. If you're not big into swimming, this will be cute for Instagram photos or tanning out in general. Unfortunately, this one piece is $138 from Sidway. There are tons of stores you can find something similar! 


8. Sunscreen 

This is one of the best sunscreen for bronzing and sun protection. Another great thing about this suncreen is that it's easy to spray on and free of chemicals. This sunscreen can be found at Target


9. Dress 

A simple white dress is fun to wear during the summer. Forever 21 has the best summer trends. This polka dot wrap dress is a big trend for this upcoming season. 


10. Crossbody bag 

This leather crossbody bag is an essential to hold your essentials. You can purchase this from Forever 21. It comes in light blue, black, ivory and red. It has a open pocket which is perfect to keep hold your phone and easily grab it whenever you need!  


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