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Winter in Lake Tahoe

Here in San Francisco, we forgot it was still winter ages ago. While everyone in New York is suffering through snow-covered public transit, we’re over here dilly dallying in the sunshine. But hey! California is a fanastically large state and just four hours away is South Lake Tahoe where I found plenty of snow! Here’s this week’s snapshot — snow in Lake Tahoe! (Because it’s still winter in some places..)

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Alyssa Bright

San Francisco

Hey, I'm Alyssa!I have an extensive background in creative writing and film and television, having began my studies at Orange County School of the Arts for high school.I've written for HerCampus San Francisco, Content Cavalry, and GreekRank.com.I also have exceptional experience in Public Relations and Marketing which I often apply to my writing assignments.If you're interested in knowing more about my filmmaking, this is my website:alyssabrightfilms.wix.com/reel
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