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Why You Should Try Rock Climbing

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

Nothing makes me happier than the time I spend observing the rock wall. All of the colorful plastic rocks arranged to challenge me, to push me, and to make me feel on top of the world.

I rekindled my love with rock climbing just over a year ago because a friend was pushing me to try something new. I realized after the first time I climbed I knew it was not something that could be achieved in a few weeks or months but a long time love affair that takes a while.

As the president of the rock climbing club at San Francisco State, a lot of people joined the club to either make friends, or have more time at the wall, however the most common reason for joining is to get over a fear of heights or falling. So if you have a fear of either of those things you are not alone. Here are three reasons you should try rock climbing:

It is a challenge 

The rock climbing wall has a lot of different colored rock holds set onto the wall and the patterns made with the same color of plastic rock are made to be a puzzle. Each route that is set on the wall has a different level of challenge and usually there is every level from beginner to advanced. The goal is to get to the top using only the same color rocks but the way these routes can challenge you, make you problem solve, ask your body to change and twist. The fun is in problem solving because each way of doing it is unique to each person. 

It will get you in tune with yourself 

When you are rock climbing you are developing a trust with your own body. You learn to listen to your body, trust that you can reach for the next rock, and you become comfortable with the self humility to get up and try again. Rock climbing forces you to be in tune with yourself otherwise it could be more than your pride that gets hurt.


Rock Climbing is not a sport where people take themselves too seriously. In my experience rock climbers are resilient, determined, kind people who want to make you feel included. At San Francisco State the community would more than cheer on anyone and genuinely ask how you are. 

Rock Climbing can be freeing for those who take themselves too seriously like myself and can provide comfort to those who want to know it is okay to take a brand new path. You can find the rock climbing club on Instagram at rockclimbingclubsfsu and we meet at the wall on Mondays from 10am to noon.

Jessica Sheppard

San Francisco '24

I am originally from Sacramento and am earning my bachelors and masters degree at San Francisco State and pursuing both degrees in communications. In addition to being assistant editor on SF State's HerCampus I am the president of the rock climbing club on campus. I enjoy writing culture, life, and experiences articles. My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-sheppard-sfsu/