What to Watch on Netflix - Fall Edition

The middle of October is approaching and the fall feeling has finally began to settle in. Everywhere you turn you are exposed to a pumpkin spiced version of something and everyone is pulling out their burgundy scarves. Do you know what this means?

It is the perfect time of the year for weekends spent cuddling up with some hot cocoa and quality Netflix time. That is why this week I have rounded up several movies and television shows that I think are most appropriate for this time of the year/semester.

For when you think you have binge watched everything you possibly could:

Think again! Go along with the cold and gloomy vibes this weekend with Peaky Blinders, a Netflix original show set in the early twenties streets of Birmingham. “Peaky Blinders” is actually the name of the English gang that the show centers on as they try to expand their empire. It is a bit vulgar and violent but that’s what makes it so great to watch.

For when you cannot get enough of all the rain and gloom but would much rather be on vacation somewhere more posh than your dorm room:

The options for foreign films on Netflix are actually really wonderful and host some of my most favorite movies, one of which is Amélie. Amélie is the main character in this charming French film that follows her and her encounters with those around. The characters are exaggerated but add some spice to the Parisian experience.

Last but not least we have an honorable mention that has more to do with location than the season (also, it stars Michael B. Jordan...need I say more?).

The 2013 film Fruitvale Station is based on the true story of the death of Oscar Grant, who lived in Oakland, California. I cannot express how emotional this movie makes me and how strongly I feel about it in just a few sentences. I could honestly write a whole article on this movie alone. It is a definate must-see, especially if you live here in the Bay area.

Hopefully this list is helpful or inspiring in one way or another! Tis the season to make some warm memories and hot chocolate indoors!

Images via collider.com, aveleyman.com, & guim.co.uk