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Getting to college and learning how not to spend all your money can be very daunting. Maybe you spend all your money the first two weeks of school even though your parents told you to be wise with your allowance, because you only get paid once a month. Or maybe you have a job and are completely financially independent, so you’re fickle with your money which prevents you from doing anything fun. It can be difficult trying to figure out the basics of having to provide for yourself. 

No matter what your situation may be there are so many ways that you can be financially conscientious in college and still be able to provide yourself with necessities and have fun. One way that could help you handle your money better is giving yourself an allowance for each week. 

So, let’s say you have $100 in your bank account every two weeks, try splitting up that money into different categories like groceries, clothes, and fun. This can help you stay mindful of the amount of money you have for specific things, instead of spending all your money on going to the mall and not having any left to buy groceries. Or if you’re patient enough, try to save up double the amount of the item you really want so you don’t make that big of a dent in your bank account when you buy it. 

When it comes to spending your money, you always need to know what a “need” is and what is a “want”, this is what your allowances should be dependent on. If you would rather do your budgeting a different way, there are apps for everything, including budgeting.

 Some of the highest rating budgeting apps include Mint, YNAB, and Goodbudget. All these apps are freely accessible in the App Store and don’t cost a penny unless you want the premium version. I would really recommend Goodbudget since it is based on the envelope budgeting system, which allows you to distribute your monthly income toward specific spending categories.

Another simple way that could really help you save some of your money is by meal prepping. I know it can be difficult to not eat out when you’re craving some fast food, it’s especially tempting when you can have it dropped off at your doorstep via Postmates and UberEats, which can be expensive. But, if you already have your meals planned out and prepped for the whole week after going grocery shopping, you should be able to save quite a bit of money. It will take some time to make the food and plan out the meals, but would you rather have an hour of your time taken up by cooking or spend 50 dollars on a burger and fries from Postmates. 

 I know the freedom of college and having your own money to spend on whatever you want can seem so exciting, but in the long run it’s better to be conscious of how you’re spending it. Learning how to budget in college is a great way to see where all your money goes each month, which is a great step to take for managing your finances in the future. Budgeting will also help you pick up good habits for your future of receiving your own independent income, and when saving your money excites you more than spending it

Samantha Ortiz

San Francisco '26

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha. I am so excited to be part of Her Campus San Francisco as a writer!