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Ten Last Minute Halloween Couple Costumes

Last Minute Couple Costumes for your Personality!

Don’t have any costume that you like and you don’t want to just do anything? Try these costumes to match your personality!

*Note: Cartoon images special to Her Campus San Francisco, to check out more visit the artist's -kingbahkibulle's tumblr here.

Cheerful: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Try the world’s most famous mouse couple! As long as you stick with the color theme (red, black, and yellow) and have the mouse ears, people will definitely identify who you are!

Tips for him: Don’t forget to make the yellow buttons on his pants!

Tips for her: If you don’t feel like wearing mouse ears, try styling your hair to look like them!



Adventurous: The Doctor and his Companion- Doctor Who

Doctor… who? If you and your man want options, he has three Doctors to choose from, and accordingly you have four companions to choose from, not including the Doctor’s wife and the Tardis herself! Run away with the Doctor, and don’t worry: fezzes and bowties are totally cool. Allons-y!

Tips for him: The Doctors usually wears some sort of suit, but how he wears is really defines which generation Doctor he is.  Don’t forget the sideburns if you’re the 10th Doctor!

Tips for her: The companions have different styles, but how to really establish yourself as one of the companions is making sure your hair and makeup are similar to your chosen companion!

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Image by Doctor Who Spoilers / flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/d...

Witty: Sherlock and Watson

Are you Sherlocked? Although superhero movies created a ripple through the media this year, there exists a huge fandom for Sherlock. If dressing up as Robert Downing Junior isn’t your thing, then try BBC’s Sherlock and get inspiration from the gender bend fanart! Or you can look at Elementary, starring Lucy Liu and be the Watson to your Sherlock.

Tips for him: Each version of Sherlock has their own distinct style. The CBS version of Sherlock is very casual, while BBC’s Sherlock dresses sharply: think classic with a modern twist. If your man has dark, curly locks, then he’ll fit perfectly as BBC Sherlock!

Tips for her: Like Sherlock, each Watson has their own style. Lucy Liu’s Watson dresses more sharply than her counterpart, while BBC’s Watson seems to be more practical and slightly old fashioned.

Image for Sherlock by bellaphon / flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellaphon/4410297582/


Sexy: Psy and Hyuna

If you haven’t heard Gangnam Style by now, then you’ve been out of the loop! Psy caught the world with his horse dance, and we can anticipate that his deliciously gaudy tuxedo along with his horsey dance will tell people exactly who he is. Dress classy, dance cheesy!

Tips for him: Psy always wears a suit or a tuxedo that fits him well, and looks sharp and clean cut. Your basic Ray Bans, suit, and dress shoes will fit the bill. Don’t forget to style your hair and shave!

Tips for her:  Hyuna always wears shorts and has her hair in gorgeous bombshell curls. If you don’t fancy her outfit in the original Gangnam Style video, try her outfit from her version of Gangnam Style!


Spunky: Adventure Time

 Adventure time! C’mon grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands. Because most of the characters are distinct, easy to dress as, and interact well with each other, it’s hard to pick one couple! Try the gender swapped versions of the same character, or try being Jake and Lady Rainicorn or their gender swapped versions: Cake and Lord Monochromicorn.

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Sophisticated: Venetian Masks

Have an elegant function to go to? Try Venetian masks! While you may think that the masks are only worn during masquerades and festivals in Venice, historically they were not only used for festivities, but also to hide the identity during a time of rigid class structures.

Tips for him: The elegant nature of the mask requires similar clothing. A suit will suffice, unless you have a "Phantom of the Opera" worthy costume at hand! A cane, hat, and gloves add the last elegant touch. If your man is afraid of his mask looking too feminine, look for all black half masks, undecorated masks, or masks with the beak.

Tips for her: Unless you feel comfortable holding up your mask, you may want to find a mask that ties around your head to ensure that you don’t lose it!

Image by gnuckx / flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnuckx/4701954090/

Bada**: Gunslingers

Try channeling a little bit of the Old West! There’s room enough for two sheriffs in this town! While in real life gunslingers were not so trigger friendly, their reputations really did keep others at bay. With all the spooks and unsavory characters you will meet on Halloween night, you’ll be glad that you look tough enough to keep them at bay.

Tips for him: You don’t really have to go out and buy a hat or cowboy boots! Or guns! A button down collared shirt, vest, jeans, bandanna, tailored jacket, and a pair of dark boots will do the trick!

Tips for her: Make sure that your boots look like they’re meant for walking. When it comes to your wardrobe, think more steampunk and less cowgirl. Skip the blue jeans and try some leather!

Image by Kyle Niskioka / flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/madmarv/6228744933/

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