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Stephanie Broder – 2013

Name: Stephanie Broder

What is your hometown?

Daly City, Caif.

What is your major at SF State?

Kinesiology, focusing in Neuromuscular Therapy

When do you graduate?

Graduating this December!

Relationship Status?


Where do you work?

I work at Lorna Jane as a sales associate.

What is one thing that you plan your life around, and why?

The one thing I plan my life around is the combination of work and school. Unfortunately, as a student your life can get consumed by school, from tests to class. And work is how I pay my bills and afford my free time and activities. Whenever I have a break from school I always try to make plans to go out on an adventure or even a little vacation getaway. School is extremely important to me, but so is staying sane and getting some relaxation time in. If you stress yourself too far it will begin to take a toll on you. So whenever I can plan family gatherings, getaways, or relaxation time I first look at my school and work schedule to see when I can make these things possible.

When did you first start running and how did this passion grow over the years?

I first started running when I was in seventh grade. I joined the track team in middle school because I was a big soccer player and loved to run up and down the field, so I figured I would give it a try. My dad and cousin were also very big on running and introduced me to its beauty. I continued running in high school and eventually stopped playing soccer to further my running career and focus on my goals. At this same time my cousin was in a dirt biking accident and was no longer able to run because of the severity of the accident. At this point I started to compete seriously to make my cousin proud. I discovered fun trails to run that had amazing views and it just drew me in. Running helps put my mind at ease, keeps me healthy, and helps me get to my goals. I love to do fun runs such as: the color run, mud runs, and themed runs. I started to get into more serious runs such as half marathons and would love to train for a triathlon. The running community is fun, supportive, and they are always about raising money for a good cause.

Tell me about how you participated in the recent Nike Women’s Half Marathon? What was your experience like?

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon was a great experience. Women lined up at 5:15am in the freezing cold while the sun was still down, such dedication. Just imagine 30,000 women hyped to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles, it was very inspiring. The run took us through San Francisco, like our own private tour of the city. Along the sidelines were so many supportive people holding up signs for their loved ones and cheering them on. And the volunteers were amazing, making sure that we were all accommodated for and had what we needed to finish our run. When the finish line approached I saw my boyfriend and my mom cheering for me, it was nice to have that support team. After the race they had all sorts of free goodies for us, even our finishers medal (Tiffany’s necklace) was a lovely gift.

Do you absolutely love living in San Francisco?

I have been in the San Francisco area for my entire life, and I am in love. This city has so much to offer me. From my younger teenage years to my current years I always find something new and exciting to do, and a lot of it is free. They have concerts in the park, street events, amazing farmers markets, and beautiful views. You don’t need money to have fun in San Francisco.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the simple things in life. Sometimes I will go to the beach and just look out onto the horizon and think about how beautiful life is and remind myself to appreciate those little things in life. A good song on the radio can just totally flip your mood for the day, maybe someone in passing says, “I love your dress,” and it gives you that extra boost, and even someone such as your significant other simply says, “I love you” and you just feel like the world is complete. I am inspired by life and the people around me, because sometimes, all it takes is a smile or a thank you to turn some one’s day around.

If there was one thing you could change about your life, what would it be?

I would not be in the world that I’m in today if I had any regrets from my past. But one thing I would tell my future self is to make sure I travel in life. I did not get the chance to go away to college because of financial situations, so I stayed close by. I wanted to study abroad but there were people in my life that I couldn’t see leaving for a year. I love being in my city, but I realize that this city will always be here waiting for me to come back. So I need to take that leap and experience a life away from home.


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