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Isn’t it frustrating when you’re trying to plan a trip with your friends in the group chat, and it never leaves the “talking about it” phase? Well, no more waiting on friends this spring break and trying to coordinate with friends and family. This time around, treat yourself to a solo trip. 

Why do a solo trip? It allows you to gain confidence and personal growth while pursuing goals and aspirations you may not have been able to do while others accompanied you. Solo trips give individuals a unique experience and a new perspective on the world without the influence of any companions. I believe solo trips can be a very empowering experience, especially for womxn, as we have been conditioned to think that the world is dangerous for us. While it may be true to some degree, we shouldn’t be operating off fear. 

Some reasons womxn are hesitant about planning solo trips revolve around safety concerns. Women fear experiencing harassment, violence, and theft, especially in countries where the culture isn’t as friendly toward womxn’s rights. Another concern is language barriers. Communication connects humans, and when you travel to a place where your language isn’t spoken, it can be very intimidating to make your way around the region. Lastly, many of us genuinely enjoy having that companionship when experiencing new sights, sounds, and surroundings. Entering a different culture alone can be overwhelming and challenging, making people feel out of place. 

Below I have listed some of the top womxn friendly countries to visit. All these countries have unique perks that make them a travel favorite among solo travellers.

The top solo traveller destinations are:

  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Iceland
  • Portugal
  • New Zealand

Remember, this article is not to discourage you from treating yourself to a solo trip; make this spring break your #empowermentera. Once you take that leap of faith and experience this trip, the rewarding feeling you’ll take away from the journey will make you want to do it again and again and again.

Remember that group chat I mentioned at the beginning? Feel free to remove yourself from the conversation ;)

Starr Washington

San Francisco '25

Starr Washington is a member of the Her Campus National Writer Program, contributing to the lifestyle section. She also serves as the President of the Her Campus Chapter at her university. Currently a junior at San Francisco State University, Starr is pursuing a degree in Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) with a minor in Africana Studies. Following her undergraduate studies, she plans to pursue an MFA in creative writing. Starr is dedicated to showcasing her blackness in her professional work and is always rooting for black creatives, particularly in film, literature, and travel. In addition to her writing, Starr works at her university’s multicultural center, where she organizes annual events for both the campus and the Bay Area community. Her events include, but are not limited to, Banned Books Week, the Womxn of Color Healing Symposium, and the Womxn of Color Writer Series. She was a speaker at the San Francisco State University Black Studies Origins and Legacy Commemoration, where she had the honor of sitting alongside the founders of the country's first Black Student Union. Starr also teaches a course she developed called “Intro to Black Love” within SFSU’s experimental college program. In her rare free time, Starr enjoys chipping away at her TBR list (she finishes one book, then adds three more to the list), writing poetry and fiction, and spending time with her music enthusiast partner and their three-year-old German Shepherd. She is a Scorpio from Michigan.