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Spring Break Survival Kit: The Key to Planning

This is for the girls’ that dread the Sunday before school starts up again. The one last time of freedom before summer. The marker of half a semester left. But, make your remainder of school a bit bright by having fun with planning. I know, such a gross sentence, but it’s true! Don’t keep your old routine of writing your assignments down on your hand or even a scratch piece of paper. Invest in a planner that’ll work for you. Whether that’d be a daily, weekly, or even monthly layout, figure out your plan of attack and work it!     For me, I love weekly planners as I can write down appointments, meetings, and activities ahead of time and see any free time I have during the week. It helps me plan having out with my friends, seeing my boyfriend, and even getting groceries. I absolutely love this  from Erin Condren alongside her dual-tip markers.


I suggest finding a planner that means something to you. Make it personalized by printing out cute prints for the front of it and even stickers and washi tape for the inside. I have these adorable panda tabs for Daiso. (Daiso is your best friend when it comes to affordable, cute stationery!)

Make the most of your schooling, don’t make it dreary and hated. Get cute panda stickers instead.

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