SFSU x FNA Provoke 2014 Fashion Show


           As the DJ mixed electric tunes and remixes of Lana Del Rey and Disclosure, models of all kinds strutted their stuff up and down the runway at San Francisco’s Design Center on Thursday, May 1.

            The annual San Francisco State University x Fashion Network Association runway show was in full swing at 7 p.m. as proud parents, friends, and S.F. State Alumni paraded into the black wooden chairs to enjoy the highly-awaited fashion show.

            Designers sent their student models striding down the crisp, black runway, as flashing lights from the camera phones of beaming loved ones went off to praise the work that S.F. State apparel design and merchandising students had strived to make come alive tonight.

            The theme of the show was incorporating reusable fabric and hotel tablecloths into works of art, aka fashion pieces. The show reinstated S.F. State’s motto and passion for sustainability and recycling through trendy and stylish clothing.

            A total of 100 S.F. State students, including the some of the designers, modeled for the eight eclectic collections.

            The atmosphere of S.F. Design Center was exuding with passion and perseverance that alluded from each design that pranced down the runway.

            The show, which lasted for almost 2 hours, ended with a beautifully choreographed finale, in which four models and designers from each collection came and did one last round for the audience of almost 200 fans.

            After the show, the Design Center filled with kisses, congratulatory embraces, and lots of flowers for the designers and models. 

*Pictures provided by FNA's instagram page (@fna)