Saturday Spotlight - Makeup Artist Violette_Fr

This week I would like to shine a light on Violette, of Violette_Fr, a French makeup artist whose YouTube videos have become a favorite of mine.

Image from @guerlain on Instagram.

I, like many other teenage girls, enjoy watching makeup, beauty, and skincare videos on YouTube. For those of you who watch, you know what type of videos I’m talking about. Women like Desi Perkins, Tati, and Roxette Arisa, who are all phenomenal at doing both “everyday” and “glam” tutorials, reign over the makeup spectrum of videos.

But, when you take a step back and look at components of each of their videos, you realize that there are many similarities between them. Which is not a bad thing! Sometimes it can be useful and even more inspirational to watch a makeup video with a bit of a different taste.

Violette’s videos are beautifully and professionally directed, edited, and styled. The typical beauty vlogger is sat down in front of a backdrop, doing her makeup in front of a stationary camera. Violette takes her viewers to some of her favorite places, like New York beauty shops, bars, and Parisian cafés, and does her makeup at these locations. She shows us that beautiful makeup can be created in the bathroom of a bar or your office. She even has a video where she does a bold blue winged eyeliner while in a moving car!

Image from @violette_fr on Instagram.

Because of her on-the-go routines, Violette only uses products she can carry in her purse. This means that most of her looks are very minimal and accessible to recreate. You do not need the 20 different products and brushes that typical beauty vloggers utilize in their videos.

Speaking of looks, Violette’s makeup is definitely not your average YouTube makeup. She does not try to do a step-by-step tutorial like some of the aforementioned beauty vloggers. Instead, her looks are composed of more “healthy,” “easy,” and “natural” steps to use a select few of products (even though in many of her videos she uses sparkly eyeshadow and glitter).

She also chooses to use different products in just about every video. This is a refreshing change from the staple and hyped up products that you repeatedly see in other beauty vloggers’ videos. It shows her audience that there is such a wide range of products to choose from and play with, and that you don’t have to use the same cult product or brand to get good results.

Image from @violette_fr on Instagram.

I strongly recommend you check out one of her videos (here are some of my favorites: X, X, X). You might find a new tip, product, or style that you enjoy.