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Running Late? Heres 3 Hairstyles To Instantly Slay Your Day!

Psssst! Hey guys & gals – RR here, and I have a secret for anyone looking to add that extra “oomph” to their everyday hairstyle plus a couple little snazzy tricks, so stay tuned ‘til the end ;-) Personally, I am a very lazy person who values sleep more than anything (who doesn’t?) – however, some days when I have the extra time to spare I’ll utilize that time to style my hair! All you’ll need are a few items to recreate my top 3 go-to looks:

o   Dry shampoo (I use Psssst Instant Dry Shampoo)

o   Bobby pins (use as many as you need to keep your hair looking A1!)

o   Hair ties (for my readers with thick hair, use a hair tie that won’t snap on you!)

o   Hair spray (optional, but a good idea to use especially with our weather here in SF)

That’s it! Let’s start with what’s known as the “half bun” –

(Photo courtesy of Andrea Brooks)

1.     Spritz through your hair using Psssst Instant Dry Shampoo for extra volume (this also refreshes second to third day hair by sucking all the excess oils in your hair!)

2.     Gather your crown area & use your hair tie to keep it in place!

3.     Tug your hair at the base of the ponytail to add even more volume

4.     Wrap your hair around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins

5.     Now use your trusty hair spray to keep your hard work in place!

6.     Optional, but I like to pull a couple hairs at the front of my head to frame my face!

Voila! Easy, right? I understand that some days we just want our hair out of our faces, so let’s move on to the classic “messy bun” –

(Picture credit to Jamie Genevieve)

1.     Again, use that Psssst Instant Dry Shampoo to keep your ‘do nice & refreshed!

2.     Gather all your hair to the top of your hair (the messier, the better)

3.     Tie it into a bun with your hair tie!

4.     Tug, tug, tug! Play around with your bun and see how you’d like it to look

5.     Got a few extra pieces sticking out? Use your bobby pins to wrap around your bun!

6.     Gently pull the hairs at the front to maximize the cute mess going on at the top of your head ;-)

7.     Like what you see? Use hair spray to keep that baby in place!

Aaaand you’re done! My final look takes less than 3 minutes to do and all there is are 3 steps to it –

(Photo accredited to pophaircuts.com)

1.     Repeat steps one & two above – Tie your hair into a ponytail!

2.     Pull your hair to tighten your ‘do and to create a messy poof around your head

3.     Take a couple hairs to the front to frame your face & complete your look with hairspray!

Ta-da! That’s all there is to it – now you can come to class looking like you were running late, when in reality we actually spent a few extra minutes to look presentable (only kidding loves!)

Congratulations on making it to the end of the article! Like I promised, I have a couple tricks up my sleeve to maximize the utility of my Psssst Instant Dry Shampoo. What else can dry shampoo be used for besides for styling?

o   Running out of perfume? Use this dry shampoo to smell like you just came back from the Caribbean – spray this on your wrists, chest, and neck!

o   Living on campus, these dorms can smell a bit funky overtime. When I ran out of air freshener, I used my dry shampoo and what d’ya know? My room suddenly smells much more inviting to both me & my roomie!

o   Do you need that extra source of protection? I currently own the travel size dry shampoo and let me tell you – this little sucker can pack a punch! One single spritz and the product comes shooting out at the speed of light! Use this product as a back-up for pepper spray & I assure you that the person on the other end of this will feel the effects of temporary blindness.

o   After eating, our breath can smell pretty gnarly after such a ravishing feast, so I always keep my dry shampoo in my bag to give myself a little help in that department. Just open your mouth and spray – it may not be pleasant at first, but hey! At least it gets the job done!

That’s all I got for you lovelies! Of course, I’m only teasing with the last two tips I had for you all. On a serious note, I sincerely do love my Psssst Instant Dry Shampoo! I recently went out a date and I was complimented on how great my hair looked & smelled (yeah, it’s that strong!) I definitely suggest having this product handy whenever you need a little boost to your everyday hair routine! For only $6.79 at Walgreens, every ounce of this can is worth the extra buck.


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Hi, I'm Roxanne! Originally from San Diego, I came to San Francisco to achieve a sense of identity and independence. Currently attending SFSU as a first-year college student, I plan on double majoring in Child & Adolescent Development/Communication Disorders with a minor in Special Education. Hm... A writer at HCSF, yet NOT a journalism major?! What?! Well lovelies, college is all about finding yourselves & this could be one prime example of me doing just that or embarrassing myself in public. Stay tuned to find out ;-) With love, RR
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