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Reneé Rapp is Pop Music’s Next It-Girl

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Reneé Rapp is a name more and more people are becoming familiar with as each day passes and, soon enough, everyone will know her name. There are a few places most people would recognize her from. She stars as Leighton Murray in HBO Max’s The Sex Lives of College Girls and, more recently, released her debut EP Everything to Everyone, including songs like “In the Kitchen” and “Too Well,” with the deluxe version having been released this past week. 

Reneé performing “World Burn” from the Mean Girls musical

After winning a Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in 2018, Reneé starred as Regina George in Mean Girls on Broadway at 19 years old. She did so until Broadway shut down due to the pandemic in 2020. Following the shutdown, she moved to LA and landed her role on The Sex Lives of College Girls. Simultaneously, she began working on releasing her own music for the first time. This turned into the previously mentioned debut EP, Everything to Everyone. Since the EP’s release, Reneé’s popularity has been skyrocketing and hasn’t stopped. 

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Her first ever show of all her own music took place at Los Angeles’ legendary venue, the Troubadour, and sold out in a matter of minutes. It was and will likely be the first and last time Reneé plays in a venue that size. The Troubadour’s capacity sits at 500 and most recently, Reneé sold out a 2,300 person venue in London. In only three months, the capacity of venues Reneé can fill increased by nearly five times. 

Not only is Reneé selling out the venues, she’s engaging and entertaining the crowds. Despite it being her first show, the energy in the Troubadour was inviting and exciting. Reneé relates to her fans in a very personable and unique way, largely because, at 23 years old, she’s very close in age to most of them. She interacts and jokes with the crowd while showing off the incredible skill she has at performing live. Not only does she have incredible energy in person, but her team is also very friendly, helpful, and conversational, making the experience that much better. To put it simply, you’re always going to be impressed if you see Reneé Rapp live.

Looking forward, Reneé is working on her debut album. In addition, The Sex Lives of College Girls has been renewed for season 3 and Reneé was cast as Regina George alongside Angourie Rice and Auli’i Cravalho in Tina Fey’s upcoming Mean Girls movie musical set for a theatrical release. Reneé’s career is just beginning and she is already conquering Broadway, music, television, and film. It’s clear she can do it all and has the capability to become one of the most popular musicians of the next couple years.

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Everything to Everyone (Deluxe) is available on all streaming platforms.

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