Reflecting On My Year As a Campus Correspondent

In a nutshell, Her Campus is one of the best things that has happened to me in college. 

Campus Correspondent Celine Herrera (Photo provided by author.) 

Surprisingly, I didn't come across HC while in college. Instead, it was during high school.

After a quick Google search (it was probably along the lines of "how to survive college for women") a Her Campus article popped up. I clicked on it, read through it and dived deep into other articles I found on the website, I immediately fell in love. 

Knowing that I was about to attend to San Francisco State, I researched to see if the school had a chapter. I was ecstatic once I found out there was a chapter, I emailed the Campus Correspondents at the time about joining. As soon as I got a response about application information, I sent it in as soon as August rolled around.  

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would write become the Campus Correspondent during my first year of college and lead a team of amazing, passionate college women. This last semester, when I was asked to become the new Campus Correspondent, I felt incredibly honored and surprised. How was I suppossed to lead a group of women, when I barely knew anything about Her Campus in the first place? 

Over the last semester I realized that Her Campus is simply more than just the #1 online global community for women. 

It's a place to express my creative freedom. It's a place to not only grow as a writer, but to learn valuable skills in a professional setting. More importantly, it's home. 

As a journalist, I feel really fortunate and thankful that there are programs like Her Campus to keep college women like myself excited about journalism. I have been working as a journalist for almost six years now, and I know I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for Her Campus. Especially with attacks on the media industry, we need to inspire a whole new generation of passionate writers and critical thinkers - and Her Campus is just doing that. 

Her Campus challenges you to think on your feet. It makes you sharpens skills you thought you've already mastered. Above it all, I get to work with women who inspire me more and more each week. 

I'm also extremely proud of all of the hard work my chapter has been putting in over the last couple of months. We've grown from a team of two to a team of ten. We're still finding our place, but we're most definitely a stronger chapter than we were before. I'm excited to put in the new ideas and skills I've learned into the team in the fall, and bring even more content to this chapter next semester.  

If you are like me and find yourself anxiously waiting for school to begin in the fall, join Her Campus. I promise you that Her Campus will be one of the best experiences you have and that you'll never regret it.