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Product Review: Hot Lips

The Hot Lips packaging is adorable. It is a replica of miniature envelope. Inside is a little piece of paper with the print of a lipstick mark covered in plastic. After removing the plastic, you fold the piece of paper and try to close your own lips around the outline of the lips presented to get a nice single coat of lipstick. It’s something fun to try, but overall impractical. It’s not much quicker than applying lipstick from a tube.

Lips aren’t really a one size fits all deal, so you have to account for the little mistakes you will have to touch up on. It’s not particularly more compact either. The size of the envelope like packaging is a bit smaller than a credit card. You could easily fit this product in your wallet, but it is not as if a tube of lipstick is exactly bulky or difficult to fit in a purse or clutch. However, they are fun and cute! I can imagine they would be a big hit at slumber parties and in gift bags.

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