Pinecrest, CA

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Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. That means the city was pack jammed with hipsters dressed up as well... hipsters. But, not every college student wants to go out and join in on a booze fueled frenzy - plus not everyone is of age to partake in such festivities! If you are like me and would rather go on a mini vacay than join the craziness, then you should check out where I spent my Halloween weekend.


I went away with my boyfriend to Pinecrest, CA. Pinecrest is a few hours northeast from the Bay Area, near Yosemite. It is a small mountain town with a beautiful blue lake. It is filled with creeks and streams, which are popular hot spots for avid fishermen. There are amazing hiking trails that wrap around the lake as well. This place is a perfect get away for anyone who loves the outdoors and nature.