My Summer As A Junior Giants Ambassador

Meet Allison Cospin, a student at San Francisco State University. This past summer Allison had an internship with the Junior Giants program and was an ambassador for the Daly City Junior Giants. I sat down to talk to Allison about her experience with the organization.


What exactly is a Junior Giants ambassador?

A Junior Giants Ambassador represents and helps run the Junior Giants little league baseball in their designated cities. There are over 100 Junior Giants leagues in over 100 cities in California. I worked for the Daly City Junior Giants and I collaborated with my commissioners and helped them run the league as part of the 8 week program. I would assist in practices and games, help register players and coaches, gather and distribute supplies and equipment, and helped carry out the programs and distributed prizes. Most importantly, I made daily reports and statistics about the progress of my league and send it to the Giants.


How long were you a Junior Giants ambassador?

I was an ambassador from for 3 months.


What made you want to become an ambassador?

I have always been a huge fan of the Giants and I knew many people who have played and participated in Junior Giants, and I wanted to be a part of that. I also wanted to help make an impact on the community and be a part of something bigger.


Describe an average day at the job.

I would usually arrive at my office at Westlake Park in Daly City at around 2:00pm. I would work on my reports and statistics, answer emails, get the week’s program and prize packs and communicate with my Commissioners until around 5:00pm. Then, I would  go to the field and wait for practice to start at 5:30pm. I would distribute supplies, take pictures for our social media, and check on the teams until 6:30pm. Because out league was so big, I would have to go to our second site, in Gellert Park, and repeat this process until practice ended at 7:30pm. I would follow this routine Monday through Thursday.


What did you learn from your position?

I learned how to plan events and how to work with different groups of people. I  also learned how to effectively and efficiently communicate with others and how to be a team player. Most importantly, it taught me how to be a leader and do my absolute best to help others and make an impact on my community.


What was your favorite memory as a Junior Giants ambassador?

My favorite memory was having all of the ambassadors and the Junior Giants leagues come together at AT&T Park and help Buster Posey pass out gloves to our players during his glove drive and enjoyed the all day festival afterwards.