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Music Monday – “SweetSexySavage” Review

As all great artists do, Kehlani Parrish pours her heart out into her new album, SweetSexySavage. Her new album spews soul, emotion, and that dear four-letter word, love.


                                                                                                                                                                                (Photo Courtesy of Genius)


The album is a raw testament to Kehlani past year, all her turmoil over her publicized ex-relationships and negativity led Kehlani down a dark road. It’s so good to see her revived and creating music and embodies her current being and her past. Kehlani’s biggest weapon – her amazing vocals, shine through in this album.

Some personal favorites of this album include: “CRZY”, “Distraction”, “Keep On”, and “Do U Dirty”. Nonetheless, all the songs form a deep love in my heart but these four in specific are beyond catchy with great lyrics.

As lyrics from “Keep On” go, “And you just keep on takin’ me back and I don’t know why you do ‘Cause I’m no good to you…” Kehlani opens up about her own awareness of her past mistakes. I love this song specifically because of how we see her world that once was and now how strong she has grown over the course of a year. It’s a reminder to me that change can be a great thing.

SweetSexySavage, out now, is truly a must-listen-to album. Find yourself vibing out to this angelical work of art with a mojito in your hand and love in your heart.

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