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Justin Tanzillo -2014

Name: Justin Tanzillo

Hometown: Atwater, CA

Major: Astrophysics

Graduation Year: 2014

Age: 20

Relationship Status: Single


1.  Why did you choose to transfer to San Francisco State?

I wanted to get out of the Central Valley. I got into San Jose State and San Diego State also, but I love San Francisco and wanted to stay close.

2.  What do you do in your free time?

I do a lot of homework, hang out with my friends, and work out. I was a lifeguard during summertime.

3.  What do you want to do after college?

I have not decided if I want to stay in San Francisco yet, but hopefully I find a job. My dream job would be to work for NASA. I want to eventually.

4.  How do you stay fit?

I work out every day. I do cardio three times a week and go to the gym every day. I like to swim also. (He was the captain of his high school water polo team!)

5.  What do you look for most in a girl?

I like intelligence, -she has to be smart. Also, a sense of humor (because I am pretty sarcastic) and of course, she has to be fun to hang out with.  

6.  Give us some fun facts about you.

People say I look like Justin Timberlake because of my curly, blonde hair. In high school I was Homecoming King, and I am CPR certified.

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