It’s Been Five Years since the 2013 MTV VMAs

VMAs season is finally here and what better way to celebrate the awards show is by going down memory lane to one of the most memorable nights in VMA history. It’s been five years since the iconic 2013 MTV VMAs. Don’t remember that night? Scroll down memory lane as we celebrate the popular awards show.


Justin Timberlake and the *NSYNC Reunion

Justin Timberlake brought sexy back to Brooklyn when he performed and received the most honorary award of the night, the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. His performance included songs like: ‘SexyBack’, ‘Cry Me A River’, and ‘Suit & Tie’. JT pulled the ultimate stunt when he brought out *NSYNC during his performance to sing ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Bye Bye Bye.’ Dreams DO come true.


Lady Gaga’s many outfit changes

Yas Gaga yas! Lady Gaga opened up the show with her song, ‘Applause’, at the VMAs in Gaga like fashion. The popstar had a total of five outfit changes on stage while she performed the five minute song. If that doesn’t deserve applause, I don’t know what does.


One Direction booed and a motivational Lady Gaga

As the group walked on stage to receive the moon man for song of the summer with their song ‘Best Song Ever’, there was a mix of cheers and boos coming from the crowd. (Blurred Lines was expected to win.) Lady Gaga was not having it and approached the group backstage defending the group about their win. They don’t call her Mother Monster for nothing.


Taylor Swift Vs. Harry One Direction?

It isn’t the VMAs if there isn’t drama. Taylor Swift can be seen mouthing what looks like “shut the F up” as One Direction announces the nominees for Best Pop Video. At the time, no one knew if she was referring to the screaming fans or to the group members. Swift dated group member, Harry Styles, and it was rumored that her song, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ was about him. Later that night, T. Swift won Best Female Video for the song and took the opportunity to thank the person who inspired it. Sips tea.


Miley and Robin Thicke’s Iconic Performance


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about this uh, jaw dropping performance. Cyrus danced around with huge teddy bears, stuck her tongue out, and twerked as she sang her song, ‘We Can’t Stop.’ Then, arrives Robin Thicke, in a Beetlejuice inspired suit, as he belts out his hit song, ‘Blurred Lines.’ Cue Miley, in a latex outfit and a foam finger, singing along and twerking on the R&B singer. The rest was history. This was the most talked about performance of the night and many people had unique reactions to it. We still haven’t forgotten about it and let’s just say, we can’t look at foam fingers the same way anymore.


Please enjoy the memes that were all over social media after the performance:



More VMAs Memes


Yes, there were memes back in 2013. Enjoy:


Drake singing hit songs from his album, Nothing Was the Same, definitely stimulated our senses. (Get it?)


Bruno Mars might have won Male Video of the Year for ‘Locked Out of Heaven’, but this meme along with this other meme wins best non Miley Meme of the VMAs.


Take a look at these meme worthy reactions:  

The Smiths’ priceless reaction


You might think the Smith family is reacting to the raunchy ‘Blurred Lines’ performance but sorry to burst your bubble, they actually aren’t! This reaction was from Lady Gaga’s opening performance. The more you know.


Taylor swift reacting to *NSYNC


Same, Tay-Tay. Same.


Just for the heck of it, here’s another Miley and Robin meme.


I don’t remember this scene from Beetlejuice.


What will be in store this year at the VMAs? Who will have the most memorable performance? Which celebrities will start a beef? Who’s going to become the next meme all over your social media timeline? What crazy outfit will Lady Gaga wear?


Stay tuned for the 2018 VMAs and happy five year twerk-aversary.