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How To Feel Like A Main Character In Fall

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The sound of crunchy leaves, the smell of coffee, and the nip of cool air, fall is a special time of year. Classic movies take place in fall whether it is a love story, or a coming of age. Fall seems like a natural point of change and gives us the potential to feel like a main character. 

There are many reasons to love fall, however a personal favorite is the weather and the fashion. It is a time to pack away shorts, and opt for skirts and tights or big sweaters that are more akin to a blanket. 

Feeling like a main character in college is hard though during November and December since the semester is ending and there is a lot of pressure and stress associated with this time of year. A way to make the stress melt away for a few hours though is to make yourself feel like a main character in a movie, all you have to do is give yourself the time and the permission. 

Spotify playlists

There are a variety of playlists you can listen to, to invoke the fall feeling from jazz to cinema background tracks, having the right music may be able to put you in the mood for the cozy season. A few of my personal favorites on Spotify are Hopeless romantic living in the big city, or do you like jazz?, and we’re all the main characters

Shopping with a hot drink

A true fall sunday might be getting a little dressed up, getting a hot drink like coffee or apple cider and walking the aisles of your retailer of choice. You can look without buying but the fall decor for this time of year is often bright and homey, a pumpkin can rarely hurt. 

Reading on public transit 

All good romances start on the packed 5pm bus right? Maybe in the world of cinema but in the real world, taking a midday bus around the city or just reading along a train route with noise canceling headphones might be one of the most main character things you could do.  

Eating baked goods in a park

Watching the world go by is a main character’s favorite pastime and what better to do it with than a box of baked goods. You can choose from pumpkin breads, to croissants and hot chocolate. During this fall take a wander over to Mission Dolores Park and before sitting down to people watch on a bench, grab a box of pastries from Tartine, it is worth every cent. 

Watch a hallmark movie 

A tried and true classic, if you want to feel like it is fall watch a movie that is all about the magic of the season. The key to feeling like the main character is to put on some cute pajamas, create a snack tray for yourself with some popcorn, chocolate, and something sour. Enjoy your film under a heavy blanket and with only candles to light your space.

This time of year can be difficult with finals, and the stress of the holidays but remember to carve out some time for yourself. Fall in love with your own energy again and be the main character.

Jessica Sheppard

San Francisco '24

Hello, my name is Jessica Sheppard I am originally from Sacramento. I am currently a third year student at San Francisco State and pursuing a degree in communications. My aspiration is to be a professor of communications. I have a passion for rock climbing, gardening, baking and writing short stories. Reading is another favorite pass time of mine and my genre of choice is fiction. My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-sheppard-sfsu/