How to Successfully Survive Finals & Summer as told by, Frozen's, Olaf + GiveAway!

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We cannot wait til the last final when we can finally throw our papers away and prepare for summer vacation. Here at Her Campus San Francisco, we have just recieved our Summer Survival kits and we absolutely love all the goodies! We love them so much that we want to share with you ways to surviving finals as told by our favorite character from Frozen.

Having the hunger satisfied is a must when it comes to surviving finals!

When it comes to food, no one can argue that a burrito is the best on the go food! Our survival kit included Chipotle coupons, which was like a prayer answered by the burrito angels. These BOGO coupons absolutely great because, just like Olaf, we can invite our equally broke friends out without breaking the budget. 

After eating, we must excersise right? Because we do not want to look like this during finals..

We actually want to look composed or at least pretend that we have our shit together. 

Thanks to Crunch Fitness, we now have a month's free access to looking scorching hot this summer!

Once we have that hot summer body that we worked for, we must look super fly with great outfits! A great outfit will fool everyone into thinking that finals might not suck so bad.

'Boohoo has provided us with amazing discount codes to facilitate the struggle of finding a "so cuuuutttee" outfit, because finals is a struggle already. 

Once you have actually finished your last final and the thought of 'what am I going to do for the summer' immerges in your head..  

But you realize that not every day is a turn up so you turn to other hobbies.. like actually reading a book..

This summer break can be the time for actual books that you want to read and better yet.. by the beach!  Two books need to be in your to do list 1. The Her Campus Guide to College Life book! Now you can learn how to make college your field of expertise. 2. Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin! Learn how to budget your money --something we all need to learn because lets be real.

Lastly your friends are all trying new things like getting tattoos and when they ask you if you got one too?? You say..

You need to get your hands on some Blink tattoos, which are the glittery tattoos that everyone at Coachella had on! Show your friends that you are totes down with the crowd by sporting the stylish tattoos.

Or when your friends say that they'll be getting internships by the dozens and you're just like 'what am I doing with my life?'

Well do you have an interest in fashion? Why not take Chloe & Isabel's GEM Program! They are a jewelry brand devoted to empowering the next generation  of entrepreneurs through social retail. Check it out at: chloeandisabel. I know finals were the absolute worst but nothing beats the feel of not doing anything with your life while your friends are getting jobs and interships. Show them that you can be productive as well. 

All of these godies are just what Her Campus SF needed. They provide us with great ways to enhance our skills and our empower us to be the best that we can be. This summer, and through finals, celebrate all that you are and all the accomplishments. Here at Her Campus SF, we are emphasize how beautiful women and are when they embrace and accept themselves. Let's celebrate being in college, getting done with finals and the approaching summer with Her Campus!


(Some of our team members enjoying the goodies!)

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