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How to keep fit at San Francisco State

With the start of school in full swing, managing our healthy habits can be a bit of a burden, especially  when juggling work, homework, tests and the unreliable MUNI, (trust me, I’m thankful for the cruel schedule of the MUNI for giving me some reason to run and break a sweat!).

However, after four years of becoming familiar with the San Francisco State campus and having a mother who is a nutritionist, I’ve developed some tactics that can help any collegiette feel a little bit better mentally and physically throughout her busy week.

Taking an exercise class: San Francisco State has a variety of fitness classes you can add into your schedule with most being only 50 minutes long. Besides aerobics, swimming, yoga, and fitness conditioning classes, there are also a selection of martial arts classes
including Kung-Fu, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do.

And.. ladies, are you tired of carrying pepper spray without even knowing how to use it? SFSU also has a personal defense class that could both be informative and effective at the same time!

Stair Master: Have you ever had to carry groceries or a bag full of textbooks up those grueling Village Market steps? Next time try making these stairs useful by taking out the week’s stress on those steps. Not only are they excellent to jog up and down because of how steep they are, but they also have flat platforms in between, providing a good space to do lunges and squats. Take advantage of this “free” workout to tone those leg and butt muscles.

Secret Zen Garden: Taking a minute to clear your head and having a break is crucial during times when we are so crammed that we forget to breathe. Next time you want to take a minute to yourself, walk behind the science building toward Hensil Hall and on the right side you’ll see a small garden with stone seats. There are some beautiful trees and shrubbery that could put you an a peaceful pace before you go on conquering the world.

Use these tips to keep you healthy, happy and on top of your semester!

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