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How To: Build Your Spring Wardrobe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

With the start of spring everything in the blog begins to flutter with spring ideas and essentials, but how exactly do we build our personalized spring wardrobe? We can’t all just go out and buy a new set of clothes, even though it’s our dream, but we can certainly play around with what we already own. 

I will teach you a way to make your spring wardrobe with your very own style.

Primarily you need to get one or two staple pieces that you will defininetly be wearing this Spring. (For me, it is a tan Steve Madden purse that I just purchased.) 

(This is not my purse but it is very close.)

Now that I have my staple piece I can begin to build a color pallete of my liking, with my bag being my central color.

I love cool colors and neutrals, so my color pallete will have a spectrum of blues, whites, greens, browns and pastels. 


The way I deal with matching the colors is by placing several shirts next to my staple piece, and if I like it then that shirt will be part of my wardrobe. 

As you can see, all these colors on the sets match perfectly with the tan bag. All you have to do is create the color pallete that will go great with your most used item this season. For example, your school bags and/or backpacks. You will love the outfits that you come up with when using this helpful tip. Spring On Ladies ♥

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Jessica Romero

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Hey Ladies! My Name is Jessica Romero (: I love the beach, the outdoors, sunsets and clothes! ♥ My intended major is ADM and minor in Journalism. Follow your dreams and empower others to pursue theirs!