HCSF Profile: Rising Freshman Camdyn Kahn

Meet Camdyn Kahn - a rising freshman, one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans I know out there, and who also happens to be my Little! I've had the priviledge of getting to know Camdyn this past year, and I hope you do as well!

What is your name?

Camdyn Kahn 

What year are you?

First Year

What's your major?

Political Science, (possible transfer to BECA for music business)

Where are you from?

Los Angeles 

What are you involved with on campus? 

Greek Life, Phi Sigma Sigma 

Why did you join Greek Life? 

Coming into college I knew I wanted to join a sorority. Most of my family were in Greek life so I grew up hearing about it. I also had a rough couple of past years and I wanted to have a group of people who will be my rocks, the ones I could go to and just cry and talk when I needed to, to have with me through every up and down. I had this idea that these will be the people I will have for those major events in your life like weddings and baby showers etc., because my family’s Greek friends were involved in those moments.

I found what I was looking for when I got here. Even though it’s only been a few months, so many of these girls are my best friends, who’ve been there for me during a really hard time in my life. I got a Big who is everything I could have ever hoped for and more in a big sister, she’s there when I just need to talk to someone, or to have really random and ridiculous conversations with, to rant with, have dance parties to our favorite people, etc. I love that Greek life helped me find people that I belong with and know that I will have these girls in my life for everything. 

What's your favorite food?


Where's your favorite spot on campus? 

Cafe Rosso because they have the comfort food I need when I had a long day, or just in dire need of caffeine. And if not there, my room because it’s my new home away from home, with all my pictures of my friends and family and my dogs. It’s somewhere where I can just have me time.

You mentioned that you were into music business. Who's your favorite artist? 

Taylor Swift andShawn Mendes (don;t even get me started on why I love them it will be like 20 pages each). 

What's your astrology sign?


What's your dream job?

A music manager/producer/songwriter

What made you want to pursue these passions?

I started out wanting to become an actual artist, but as I got older I realized how hard it is to actually achieve that, especially now when literally anyone can become famous for nothing. I also took notice when I would watch and read interviews of how difficult it is for female artists to be taken seriously in the business (ie. Taylor Swift) because they are basically told how to do everything, they aren’t “allowed” to sing about their relationships and break ups and get judged for every little thing.

Once I noticed that I thought about how I wanted to change the way women in music are viewed. Even if it’s not much because this has been a problem for decades. I wanted to work with artists, especially female artists so they can be portrayed the way they want to be. Not puppets for the world to continuously crash upon and tell them who they should be and how they should act, or what to wear or sing about. It would also be nice to have songs about my experiences out in the world even if I’m not singing them, or help produce albums that could possibly change the world. 

Since you're from LA, what are some of the biggest culture shocks you've had since you moved up here?

The biggest culture shock are words like "hella", no one in SoCal says "hella". Unless they're ranting. Along with style and music is very much different were certain types of clothes or patterns aren’t popular. Obviously music in LA is all the very mainstream or popular music whereas in SF you would here people you would never really know in LA. Also food choices of popular fast food and ramen is popular more here than LA.

What kind of advice would you give to incoming freshman?

For incoming freshman, I would say don’t stress out so much, you will find where you fit in, but don’t wait for it to come to you be active in finding friends. Never take 8 a.m.'s, make sure you get along with roommates and really work things out because if not it will suck living together. Since I’m in Greek life I always tell people to try it out, it’s not how we are portrayed in entertainment, people really care about each other and don’t need to get wasted every single weekend. You’ll find a home with these people in your life because they will be there for you no matter what. It’s also just a great way to meet new people you would probably never have the opportunity of meeting. 

And finally, what do you think of Shawn Mendes' #MyCalvins campaign?

What do I think of Shawn's #MyCalvins campaign? WHAT DO I NOT THINK OF IT?!