Hayley Martinez - HC San Francisco's Newest Writer

This week, our chapter at San Francisco State University welcomed freshman student Hayley Martinez to our team. Be sure to check out her profile and be on the look out for future content from her! 

What is your name?

Hayley Martinez


What’s your major?

Journalism (Print and Online)


Where are you from?

Ventura, California


What year are you?

Freshman, Class of 2021


What are you involved in outside of Her Campus?

Nothing yet!


Where do you see yourself after your graduate from SFSU?

I would love to move to New York for graduate school.


What are some of your current obsessions?

Glossier skincare products, Tumblr, turtlenecks.


What is your favorite place in the city?

The Marina


What’s one place in the city you want to check out?

Twin Peaks


What’s your horoscope sign?



What musical artist do you think everyone should check out?

Porter Robinson


What’s on your netflix que?

Gilmore Girls, Riverdale, Scandal


Who is your celebrity crush?  

Zac Efron


Who inspires you? And why?

My mom inspires me because she is always positive about life and is very hardworking.


How did you find out about Her Campus?

Through Facebook.


Why did you want to join Her Campus?

I wanted to get more involved on campus, and I also really enjoy writing. I worked on my high school newspaper and really loved it. I felt that Her Campus would be a good way for me to get involved and experience being a journalist.


What’s your favorite thing to write about?

I enjoy writing about Beauty and Fashion because those are some things I really love!


If you could change your college experience in any way, what would it be and why?

Get more involved on campus to keep myself busy.


What are you looking forward to next semester?

New classes!