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From a Guy’s Eyes: What’s Hot and Not

I was asked to write an article about trends that guys like on girls. This is a very interesting subject, and one that may not be able to be described in one measly article. Fashion, style, and trends are less about what you want to be wearing and more about what you should be wearing. To me, if you don’t look like you belong in a certain outfit, then it’s not a good trend. It may sound self explanatory but a lot of people don’t know that fashion relies on what you can pull off. The best piece of advice is not to look for a trend that seems to be “in” nowadays, but to find a certain style you like, and WORK IT. Make a style yours. Taking pictures from magazines and fashion blogs and copying them is not going to create a look that leaves guys wanting more. With that on the table, there are a few styles that I think are working really well on those who use them wisely.

First off, due to the fantastic weather we’ve been having, I’ve seen quite a lot more tank tops and skirts roaming around campus. Loose and flowy tanks can be great on a hot day when you want to remain fashionable without just tossing on any old T-shirt. These days are rare in San Francisco so take the time to bust out something cute and flashy. When it comes to skirts, pairing some knee high stockings with a short to medium length pleated one has a great effect of showing just enough leg to catch some eyes on the quad. If skirts aren’t your thing, some jean shorts and a slightly oversized graphic tee can also give you some style while staying comfortable. On the other hand, when layers are required on the many gloomy days here, they don’t have to be a sweatshirt and a beanie. Mix it up a bit by tossing in a big camo military style jacket, which has been popping up more and more lately.

Once you have your outfit decided, it’s time to focus on something a little more flashy. Jewelry isn’t a very big deal to guys. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “Man, did you see the necklace on her?” However, they do keep it interesting. The look, or even the price of it makes little difference. As a simple creature, the “OOOH SHINY” reaction is common from us guys. Being in San Francisco, facial piercings are a dime a dozen, but well coordinated facial piercings are still noticeably more appealing. Make sure your nose hoop fits snug to your nostril, or that your Monroe stud isn’t hanging an inch of your lip. These details can take you from silly to edgy with one trip to a shop on Haight! When deciding what to pierce and how many, less is definitely more. You don’t want to overdo your flash or make it look like you’ll set off a metal detector in an airport. Even a nose stud does a great job of giving a little essence of feminine badassery.

The last thing I want to talk about is the DON’TS of modern trends. There aren’t many that get to guys or really turn us off, but one that is a 98% guarantee is Ugg boots. I’m all for comfort, and warmth, but do you really want to wear your slippers all day every day? I look at Uggs the same way most people look at Crocs. They’re both pretty silly, regardless of how comfortable they are. Especially if you wear them with shorts. You just look like a contradiction. Are you cold or hot? Leave them at home for when you’re shuffling from room to room, not class to class. Another don’t is the quasi-hip grandma style. Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” being a hit doesn’t mean that finding some old Granny shoes is a come up. Despite my Grandma being a wonderful lady, I don’t want to see her style on my friends or others around the city. Bottom line, if you can find a niche of fashion that you can rock, do it! Take your friends compliments and suggestions and put them to use in refining something really jaw-dropping that will be sure to turn some heads. 

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Daniel Meisel

San Francisco

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