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Girl-Power Songs that will help you conquer your semester (Part 1)

It’s the start of a fresh semester, and a new fresh playlist is crucial to starting off the year on a good note! This is part one of our back-to-school playlist that are filled with songs that are catchy, motivating, inspirational and fun!

1. Perfect Day by Hoku
There’s a reason this song was the theme of one of the most upbeat, fun, inspiring chick-flicks of the last decade.  This peppy, bubbly, go-get-’em tune is the zealous version of Christina’s don’t-you-bring-me-down-today message.  A couple plays of this song will leave you on cloud nine making you the happiest collegiette on campus!

[pagebreak] 2. Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson
  This track is perfect for when you are feeling fierce but still want to keep it cool.  And although she conforms to the idea of letting her guard down in the song, we appreciate the individualistic, self-reliant and confident woman she refers to.

“Miss Unafraid, Miss Outta-my-way, Miss Don’t-let-a-man-interfere, Miss On-her-own, Miss Almost-grown, Miss Never-let-a-man-help-her-off-her-throne.”

We love her bold personality.

[pagebreak] 3.  Run the World (Girls) -Beyonce’
We all know this list would not be complete without some Beyonce’.  In fact, we could probably fill this entire list with just her songs.  This fast-paced, feisty, girls-rule anthem is perfect background music for when you are trying to power through multiple last-minute assignments.

“I’m repping for the girls who taking over the world, have me raise a glass for the college grads.”

-Our favorite line.

[pagebreak] 4. Domino – Jessie J
This sparkly, upbeat, dance track has a unique warm-tone to it, (thanks to the guitar), making it a perfect prep song for your girls night out. This song is great for getting decked out in your heels will get you in the mood to sparkle and shine all night.

“I’m feeling sexy and free, like glitter’s raining on me”

If only it could really rain glitter…

[pagebreak] 5.  Spice up Your Life -Spice Girls
Yes, let’s all admit that we all went under our bed and dug out our dusty Spice Girls CDs after this 90s girl-power band rocked it at the closing Olympics ceremony.  This song made our list because of it’s overwhelming sense of positivity and zesty girl power that will “spice up your life”!

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