Festival Review - Lollapalooza

Recently I had the pleasure of going to Lollapalooza in Chicago. Mainly due to Chance the Rapper hyping up Chicago, I had high expectations for the city itself too. My trip lasted about five days, most of which were spent at the festival.

Festival Impressions 

Lollapalooza itself lasted four days this year. Doors opened at 11 a.m. and closed at 11 p.m.. There were six stages throughout the park. Two were next to each other while another two were side by side. Out of the six stages, only two were completely isolated. The stages were obviously sponsored, since some stage names were named after popular beverages such as Pepsi or Tito’s Vodka.


There were two huge stages that had by far the most standing space. Of course Chance the Rapper played on the biggest stage possible. Compared to something somewhat similar here to the Bay Area’s very own musical festival, Outside Lands, Lollapalooza is much bigger. Not only were there many more people, but also a bigger space to use.



For food, I’d say that Outside Lands does it better. Lollapalooza had some good options including pizza, noodle bowls, and grilled cheese sandwiches. This is nowhere near the gourmet level that Outside Lands has reached.


Final Note

All in all, if you head to Lolla, be prepared to expect ok food, a lot of people, and good music. It's always nice to try new festivals and explore new place so I’d say go, especially if you’ve never been! It's all about the music anyways, so if your favorite artist is there, then you should too.



*All photos were provided by the author, Bianca Bruzzone.