Easy Costumes For You to DIY this Halloween

Halloween is in less than a week which can only mean one thing - you have less than a week to figure out how your costume can get into the spoopy spirit.

Here are some costume ideas if you’re on a budget (or just looking for something easy to throw together).  


If you have some glitter, a white dress (and Amazon Prime), you can easily recreate this costume!

Unicorn Ears  - Amazon

Glitter - Forever 21

White Dress - Forever 21


Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Avoid the mean reds this Halloween by throwing on a little black dress and big sunglasses this Halloween!

Black Dress - Forever 21

Jewelry Set - Amazon


Angel and Devil


If you’re going out with your BFF this Halloween, try using either a white or pink dress for the angel costume and a little black or red dress for the devil!


Ariana Grande

Throw on a sweater dress, some cat ears and boots if you want to channel the 5’0” mega pop superstar!

Sweater dress - Forever 21

Cat ears - Forever 21

Thigh high boots - Forever 21

Piggy Smallz→ Amazon

*Bonus - get free cat ears at Ulta by purchasing a tarte beauty product for free!


Her Campus at San Francisco wishes all of our readers a Happy Halloween!