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Drew Reitz -2014

Name: Drew Reitz
Year: Junior
Major: Theatre
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA Relationship
Status: Single (ladies…)

All About Drew
Do you have any hidden talents?
I can dance Bollywood/Bhangra and some Beyoncé choreography. I can play clarinet and do improv theatre.

What activities are you involved with on campus?
I am the Activities Coordinator for Player’s Club, the theatre club on campus, and I act in shows at school.

What do you plan on doing after college?
I plan on acting professionally, whether that be in plays or movies. I will make my way to LA to get it all started.

The Stuff We All Want to Know!

What do you look for in a girl?
I look for honesty, no playing games, someone who does not get jealous, and someone who does not wear too much makeup.

What is your favorite feature on a girl?
I like odd features like their voice, hands, and their back, but I love the eyes, hair, and smile.

What is the most awkward first date moment you have had?
In middle school, I met a girl at the movies and she ended up bringing her parents with her. It was super awkward. There was NOT a second date.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl?
I have done a pretty good amount of romantic things for girls. One date, I took a girl to the glass elevators at the Westin in Union Square, then over to my favorite restaurant in North Beach, followed by a lovely stroll and a cable car ride.

What is your favorite?

Food and Drink:
Burritos and Water

Big Fish

Blue (Navy/Royal)

Childish Gambino

Captain America

Celebrity Crush:
Jennifer Lawrence or Rashida Jones

Boxers or Briefs:

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