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DIY Halloween Costumes

Well there's still about a week left until Halloween and if you haven't gotten a costume yet you might be freaking out just a smidge. But don't fret just yet, because there is still time! Now if you're like me, you'd rather not go with one of the generic costumes and be the same thing year after year; you want some uniquness and fun! Plus by this time all of the cute costumes might have run out at the Halloween store already, but like I said, don't fret! There are other options and I'm here to give them to you. These other options my friends are...DIY Costumes! Here are a few costumes (that are personally my favorites) that may take a little bit of money to spend and a little bit of time to make, but in the end will be so worth it!

1. Starbucks Cup:


  • White dress
  • Starbucks iron on logo
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Green bandana, bow, ribbon, etc.


  • First off, you'll need to gather up/buy all of your materials; for the Starbucks iron on logo I suggest looking on Etsy or the site irononsticker.com. You also may want to rush order the logo so it gets here on time!
  • Secondly, iron on your logo to the middle section of the front of the dress.
  • After the logo is all set, you can use a sharpie and a ruler to create the check mark boxes on either the back or the side of the dress and then with a sharpie write all of the appropriate check box titles and marks (if you don't want to use a sharpie for all of this you might be able to find other iron on stickers for boxes and lettering). 
  • Lastly, use either a green ribbon, bow, bandana or whatever else you want to put in your hair to get that little extra boost of Starbucks pride in there!

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's:


  • Tiara
  • Sock bun
  • Pearl necklace (Obviously a fake one because let's be real)
  • Black dress
  • Black gloves
  • Black high heels
  • Black sunglasses
  • Any other excess jewelery


  • Let's first start off with the outfit; buy or gather up any of the materials necessary.
  • Just put on the dress, heels, gloves, pearls, and any other jewelery.
  • Next, the hair. Tie up your hair into a big bun on top of your head (I would definitely reccomend using a sock bun).
  • After your bun is complete, place the tiara on the top of your head in front of the bun; put on your sunglasses and you're all set to head on out!

3. Shower Loofah:


  • 20 yards worth of nylon matte netting
  • 1'' size elastic in a similar color to your netting (enough for two pieces to tie around your waist and bust)
  • Pack of 1/4'' size elastics
  • White rope
  • Clothes to wear underneath (dress, strapless tank top, shorts, etc. probably just something of similar color to your netting)
  • Tights (optional, but I would reccomend if it's cold!)


  • First off, once you have all of your materials together start measuring and cutting the netting. Cut the netting into 8 separate pieces about 2 1/2 yards each.
  • Next, fold each piece of the netting in half in a hot dog bun style. Then fold the length of the of the netting into thirds. 
  •  Once all folded, you're going to bundle up and tie each piece. To bundle up a piece, clinch it in the middle, to tie it cut a 1/4'' elastic band and tie it at the middle; do this for each of the 8 pieces of netting. 
  •  Next, take the 1'' sized elastic band and cut it into two pieces,one to tie around your waist and the other to tie around the top of  your bust.
  • Then attach four of the bundles to the elastic that will be around your waist and then attach another four of the bundles to the elastic that will be above your bust using the 1/4'' elastics.
  • After, put on each of the elastic bundles (one above waist and one above bust) and make sure to fluff out each one of the bundles!
  • Lastly, tie the white rope into a loop and tie it around either your waist or bust! Underneath you can wear pretty much anything you want to, ranging from a dress similar to the color of your netting or even a strapless top with shorts, it's all up to you! I would also reccomend wearing some tights of similar color because we are in SF and it's freezing, but the costume is totally perfect without tights as well!

Hopefully this gave you inspiration on what to be this year or at least sparked your interest to make your own costume! These are only just three out of hundreds of different DIY costumes that you could make. All of these I got from looking at Pinterest boards or blogging sites, so if none of these costumes are your taste you should take a look at those sites for other amazing DIY costume ideas and instructions! 


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