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Cruisin’ Through the Bay, Business, and Barriers: A Profile on Eyad Rantisi

1.4 million followers. An automotive photographer. Sponsorships from Falken Tire, ROUSH Performance, DiodeDynamics, and more. What else could you accomplish at 18-years-old?

For Eyad Rantisi, a freshman at San Francisco State University, he has already accomplished this and more. Rantisi is currently undeclared, but is interested in majoring in Business. As a Bay Area native from San Bruno, he was drawn to SFSU’s Business program and wanted to stay local. Since then, Rantisi has come a long way before attending SF State.

Before he started his freshman year of high school, Rantisi launched his Instagram account, @FE_MotorWorks. Wanting to share his love of cars with others, he launched the page at only 14-years-old.

“I had been underestimated because I was only 14-years-old and people did not take me seriously,” said Rantisi. “It was because I was young minded and people didn’t think I was capable of making my page big. I took everyone’s challenges and accepted it.”

Today, it’s now the number 1 car page on Instagram.

Currently, Rantisi owns a 2016 Ford Mustang, which he purchased on February 1 of this year. Since then, numerous modifications have gone under and above the hood. “My current modifications have been towards performance and appearance,” said Rantisi. “I still have a lot more modifications I want to do in mind for the future. Some of my current mods are Quad tip Exhaust, tuned ECU, Intake, wheels, tires, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Carbon Fiber Decklid, Tail Light Tint, SideScoops, RTR Grille, and Aftermarket Lighting.”

However to Rantisi, cars isn’t just an automotive mechanism with four wheels and a steering wheel. To him, it’s a culture and lifestyle.

“What I love about cars is the culture surrounding it, such as going to car shows and car meets,” said Rantisi. “In the car community everyone has a common goal, to make more horsepower and make their cars faster. Their goals is to stand out from the crowd. Every vehicle is a piece of art and everyone can see how the driver chooses to express themselves. Enthusiasts respect each others builds and don’t criticize one another but rather compliment on the progress and hard-work that they put in.”

Rantisi’s favorite part about working with cars is having the chance to meet and talk with other exotic car owners. It has even inspired him to create bigger goals and eventually in the future, own an exotic car. Due to this, he has been able to broaden his network and increased his opportunities for the future.

“My favorite part about working with cars is seeing how they progress overtime from their beginning state of being stock out of the factory, to what they are today, after the heavy modifications being done to it,” said Rantisi. “It is what inspires me to do more to my car and makes me feel like my hard work is paying off.”

“You meet new people that are car enthusiasts who also have a passion for cars,” contends Rantisi. “The car culture consists people who love seeing performance, hearing the sound of cars, drag racing their cars or even taking it to a track. In the car culture, there are car shows held every week or month to where you can view an astonishing amount of heavily modified built cars. People get to see the type of personalities of the owners by reflecting themselves by their cars.”

For people who want to work with cars, Rantisi advises to make cars a passion and a hobby, since it requires not only time and money, but dedication and patience.

“In the end it’s all worth it because you know you worked hard on your car for it to become what it is today,” said Rantisi. “This brings you closer to your car and creates sentimental value.” In the future, Rantisi is aspiring to become more than an entrepreneur. He also wants to help the people around him.

“My goals in the future is to become a successful young entrepreneur who runs successful self made businesses,” said Rantisi. “What will get me there is lots of dedication, hard-work and especially never giving up. Once this occurs, I want to be able to motivate and teach others on how they can achieve their goals.”

With all of the hard-work, persistence, and dedication he has put into the automotive community, his business, and his car, Rantisi definitely has the drive it takes to be not only a successful student, but a successful entrepreneur.

Be sure to follow Rantisi’s Instagram account, @FE_MotorWorks, to see photos of different types of cars (including exotic), muscle, and import.

Celine is a junior studying Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, Journalism, and Marketing at San Francisco State University. At Her Campus, Celine is a Campus Correspondent at Her Campus, a HSA Advisor, and HC Trendsetter. She is also a PINK Campus Rep and the Panhellenic Delegate for her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. When Celine isn't writing for Her Campus, she is most likely shopping, drinking a chai latte, or running around Disneyland.
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