College Changed My Life

Before starting college, I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. I was suffering from depression and feeling incredibly oblivious to everything happening around me. I felt the lowest of lows and everything seemed as though the world was against me, and winning.

Then, college acceptances started rolling out. I got accepted to universities far from home. I decided on a bold and rash decision that going to a school far away allowed me to move and start a new. I realized that I have the opportunity to be genuinely happy again.

Eventually, college rolled around and I found myself full of butterflies and excitement in the not knowing. I met friends and a boy and suddenly started looking back to what seemed like lifetimes ago, I notice I am happy.

I am happy in my own body, my own mind, and in my heart. I found my once forgotten love of science and soon find a home in my major. I find home in a new city full of enchantment and I find love in a boy I found mine. I am happy. And I will continuing saying that without any apologies. College has taught me to learn to love myself again, to learn to love the world around me, and reminded me that I am going to change the world.