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Campus Cutie: Luat Tran

Name: Luat Tran

Age: 20

Major: Business Management

Hometown: San Rafael



Relationship Status: Single


How would you describe your personality: Weird sense of humor, friendly and outgoing 


What’s something that not a lot of people know about you: I like to sing but not often, I used to be in choir in high school


What’s the most attractive thing you find in a guy? His eyes and then smile!


First ideal date? Probably a picnic at a beach preferably with some fancy wine!


Most romantic thing your date has done for you? Well, it wasn’t really a date but someone I was dating at the time ran to my house in the rain to give me an assortment of chocolate candy on Valentine’s Day


Usual spot to hang out on or off campus? In the comfort of my own home watching Netflix lol


Motto you live by: If you don’t do it, who will?


How does it feel to be campus cutie?

It’s a very interesting feeling, kind of awesome!






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Nancy Delgado

San Francisco

My name is Nancy Delgado!I am a Recreation Parks and Tourims Administration Major at San Francisco State Univeristy and I am the next Leslie Knope
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