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Campus Cutie Danish Style: Meet Jacob!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

Name: Jacob Grandt

Age: 22

Hometown: Copenhagen/Haight Ashbury

Major: Communication

Relationship Status: Single


Meet Jacob, campus cutie studying abroad here from Denmark!

How would you describe your personality?

People’s straight gay friend, lol… I’m respectful towards others, stand by all the decisions I make, and then I’m always in a sassy good mood.

What’s your ideal date?

It probably includes me not paying for nothing… No, I’m kidding. I really like doing something that is personal. I’ve never done the same on a date twice. So I guess the ideal date is one that makes her say, “oh, I can’t believe you remembered that”, and that she’ll remember.

What’s the best quality a girl can have?

Can I say both humor and ambitions? That combo is really attractive!

What’s something people might not know about you?

I watched Sharknado by myself, and I laughed all 86min during the movie.

How is dating different in Denmark versus the US?

If American girls think you have a cute smile they’ll tell you. If Danish girls think you’re cute they’ll ask what you do for a living. American girls 1 Danish girls 0.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done on a date?

The girl had told me that she used to do treasure hunts with her older brother as a kid. So 30min before the date I hide a cooler with ice cream and wine in a bush in a park. When we met I casually told her about the park, and about a fake old myth about a treasure hidden near a well in the park. We did a little treasure hunt found the cooler, and enjoyed the inside of it. I’m still pretty impressed with myself. Even my sister wanted to date me afterwards lol.

Biggest pet peeve?

People who can’t let go of their phone in social settings.


“If she has 1-3 photos and no biography swipe left” – Bill Clinton


I like eat a burger a place I’ve never have eaten a burger before. I also like to place my feet places they have never been before. I also like flexing and photographing. But those to hobbies go along well. No seriously, I love sports.

What kind of music do you love?

All 80’s pop music. R&B. Hip hop. EDM… I love all genres as long I feel there’s a good energy.

Blondes or brunettes?

I’m not picky… And I can’t even tell the difference. Until recently I thought I had brown hair. Turns out people say it’s blond #howblondisthat

Kiss a girl or be kissed by a girl?

Kissed by a girl.

Would you rather live in SF or Copenhagen for the rest of your life?

Copenhagen… It’s a tough choice. I almost hate myself for not choosing SF. It’s a dope city! Actually, when Fergie eventually makes it a thing to refer to SF as Frisco, I won’t choose Copenhagen.

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