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Campus Cutie Alert! Meet Bjoerk from Denmark

Name: Bjoerk Bech Mikkelsen
Age: 24
Major: Business Administration
Emphasis: Finance and Logistics
Dream Job: To be a CEO of a big international company and thereby travel a lot.
You said you were from Denmark – what are some cultural differences between Denmark and U.S?
First of all, Americans are way more outgoing than Danish people are, which is nice because it is so much easier to get to know new people. In America you just start talking to someone, which will never happen in Denmark. Second, the way of living in Denmark is way healthier than in the US. Healthy food is way cheaper in DK and fast food is way more expensive. That makes people eat healthy because it’s the cheapest. Furthermore we bike a lot in DK. We have bike paths all over our cities, so that there is room for many bike-commuters. (Try googling Dronning Louises bro bike, and see the pictures)
Why did you choose to study abroad in San Francisco?
I thought that SF would be a cool city to live in, since it’s a big city with a bunch of things going on all year. So far, it has totally met my expectations. I like the American lifestyle and the way San Franciscans are just open to everything new – that’s awesome!
What was growing up in Denmark like?  
Growing up in Denmark is good. It’s a small country (5.5 mio citizens) and everything in DK is under control. Free healthcare, free education (even if you want to do a Ph.D). As a boy in DK you probably start playing soccer (football) around 5 or 6 years old. It’s the standard in DK and there are a lot of football clubs all over the country. Vacations in Denmark are totally cozy, where we can go to the sea and spend a week or so in what we call summer or holiday homes (google “sommerhus” and you’ll see), where we just chill, barbecue and go to the beaches. 
Hobbies, Skills, Talents: 
I like playing football (soccer), spending time with my girlfriend and friends and working out in the gym. I have a talent for economics and numbers, which may be nerdy, but also extremely helpful in school. :-)
If you could be in two places at once, what would they be?
New Zealand and Thailand – I’ve been to both places and wish that New Zealand had Thailand’s beaches and warm weather. But both places are simply amazing and I personally think that everyone has to go there at some point in their lives. New Zealand is probably the most beautiful country on the entire planet – it simply has everything!
Relationship Status:  In a relationship :-)
Describe the perfect date:
Not too formal – hate formal dates. A perfect date for me would be to spend the entire day or at least half a day together. You could walk around the city, go to a market, do some shopping or other activities like that, then grab a cup of coffee in a cafe (not Starbucks or Peet’s ). Then go see a movie and/or go to a restaurant in the end – that would be a perfect day/date for me!
What are some qualities you look for in a girl/boy?
It might sound superficial, but the personality is super important. I mean, first you get attracted by the looks of a person, but if the person has a bad personality it’s not worth it. You have to be kind, empathic, have a good sense of humor and of course need to be adventurous and go explore the world.
Blondes or Brunettes?
Roses are red, violets are blue….
Roses are red
Here’s something new
Violets are violet
Not really blue 
Describe yourself in three words: 
Friendly, Funny and goal-oriented
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