Campus Celebrity of the Week: Part YouTuber, Designer and Student


        A soft-spoken and well dressed 22-year-old balances a full time class schedule on her full and colorful plate, along with creating designs for San Francisco State University’s recent nostalgia inspired fashion show, all the while brainstorming content ideas for her YouTube page, which already has more than 10,000 subscribers. This 22-year-old is Amy Huerta the campus celebrity of the week, whom I got to interview and ask questions about her full and crafty life style. 

Full Name: Amy Castaneda Huerta

Major: Apparel Design

Hometown: San Francisco

Age: 22. 

Hercampus: I've heard and seen that you have a YouTube page and have about 76,152 subscribers. Is YouTube simply a fun side hobby for you, or do you want to become a  big YouTuber, like England's popular beauty vlogger Zoella? 

Huerta: Having a YouTube channel is a hobby I'm passionate about. I put my best into to every video making each video better than the last video. Reaching over 1 million subscribers would be so great and I look forward to achieving that one day. That goal is not what drives me daily though. As long as I'm able to inspire and teach people a new skill drives me to continue making more videos. 

HC: What inspired you to start your YouTube page? 

Huerta: I loved making crafts since I was a child. When YouTube become known when I was in middle school around 2007, I looked up DIY tutorials to do for fun. I came across a channel called Threadbanger and learned how to sew watching their videos. During my high school years I made all kinds of crafts and clothing with my sewing machine. I loved watching their videos because they made sewing look fun, so I wanted to do the same. I started my channel in 2009 to inspire people like how I was inspired. I didn't have the best equipment to make good quality videos so I stopped. I continued my channel with great quality, when I began attending college. 

HC: What type of content do you upload, and do you get inspiration from other YouTubers? 

Huerta: I upload DIY tutorials on how to make bags, clothes and other DIYs. I also have a series on my channel for people who would like to learn how to sew. The series is called Sewing 101, which consists of videos on how to use a sewing machine, to learning different techniques for beginners. I like to post content that's not often seen on YouTube, for example there are not many Caprisun, onesie, and vinyl bag tutorials. 

HC: How often do you upload?

Huerta: I upload once a week, but with school and work it can be difficult to upload 4 times a month. For sure I upload 1-3 times a month. 

HC: Is it difficult managing a YouTube account along with school-work? 

Huerta: It is somewhat difficult because sometimes I won't be able to upload because I have homework to do or have to work. This semester I had two days available where I don't work or go to school so I used those days to film and edit videos. The days I had school and no work, I used to do homework. I'm able to balance the 3 things when I have at least two full days free to film and edit.

HC: Why did you choose your apparel and design major? Did you know that that is what you always wanted to do? 

Huerta: I've been wanting to major in design since I was in middle (school) when I learned how to sew. I loved designing when I was younger, but being so young I didn't know it could be a career. I wanted to be a veterinarian as a child. Since I was already designing in high school and started YouTube in college before I started my major, I knew I wanted my passion to by my career. 

HC: What do you like most about your major? 

Huerta: Being able to do a major I'm passionate about makes it most enjoyable. Sewing homework and learning about the fashion industry makes me look forward to my future. 

HC: What do you think is the most challenging aspect of your major, and how do you try and overcome those challenges? 

Huerta: There are so many talented people in the major and fashion industry, which makes it very competitive. Naturally one would compare your work to other people's work. Comparing ones work to others can either create too much pride or a low self esteem. I don't want to be either of those so I compare my work to my previous work and make it better than the last one, just like what I do for my videos. My favorite quotes comes from my favorite music artist Lecrae, "Success isn't what you have done compared to others. Success is what you've done compared to what you were made to do." 

HC: Did you have any designs featured in the winter nostalgia fashion show? If so, where did you get your ideas or inspiration from? What drives your creativity? 

Huerta: I submitted three looks for the fashion show. It is my first time having my looks walked on the runway so that's already very exciting. One look is two items I upcycled. I took a pair of jeans and turned it into a trendy A-Line jean skirt I have been seeing everywhere. To go with the skirt I upcycled a simple Beatles shirt into a sleeveless shirt with a sheer fabric for the shoulders. These two items have a DIY tutorial on my YouTube channel! The next two looks are made from vinyl. My inspiration was a retro/futuristic theme. One dress is very 60s like, yet also looking like it could be in the movie “Zenon Z3”. The other vinyl dress is SFSU themed, almost like a cheerleading dress. I created the SFSU logo with the gator along with the school colors; purple, gold and white. 

HC: What are your goals for yourself in terms of a career in apparel and design? 

Huerta: I plan on having my own clothing line in the future, whether it would be collaborating my name with a big company or being independent. I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds the future so wherever God leads me to I'm sure it'll be great. 

HC: What is your own personal style and where do you get fashion and beauty inspiration from? 

Huerta: My personal style has many characteristics. I like wearing clothes that are retro and vintage with a contemporary twist. Most of that came from watching so many classic shows and movies from the 50’s like “I Love Lucy”, as a child. Another part of my style is really casual and somewhat sporty. I wear a lot of converse, vans, baseball tees, skinny jeans and sporty jackets. My inspiration would probably have to be just seeing outfits in magazines, seeing people in public and social media feeds. I really like Katy Perry's outfits when she performs her shows. Her style has a retro cutesy twist.

Huerta’s YouTube page: craftyamy93